Is this guy the Democratic Ron Paul?

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No, he’s not Ron Paul, but John Wolfe does say highly complimentary things about Ron Paul while also getting down on Obama.  And I’ll take that as a conversation starter any day of the week.

John Wolfe

John Wolfe

Plus, it appears that Wolfe is proving that Obama ain’t all that hot with Democratic voters.

In that large crop of officeholders for each major party there does not exist a Ron Paul, not at the federal level anyway, not yet…maybe a couple who are getting kinda warm but no one who is there, not yet.  But the mere fact of the Wolfe candidacy is a good sign.

Politics when used for positive change always is about coalition, that’s all it’s about.

A hack is a hack.  I have no more use for a GOP hack than a Democratic hack. This is about throwing out the crooks and starting with honest guys, and that’s square one, that’s what is important.

As Wolfe says “There are major similarities between the GOP and Democrats…I provide something different.”

It’s a blurring of the tired old lines of party on behalf of principle.  It’s why principle matters and party doesn’t;  unless your goal is to replace the current hacks with a new crop of hacks in which case you are a hack or a hack wannabe and it is you who does not matter.

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Sure, John Wolfe doesn’t know much about economics, but few Americans do; so he’s a project, a guy who can be believed…IF he’s trying to do the right thing, that’s the best way to start.

On that other hand, what he doesn’t know doesn’t preclude him from some polite applause, at least from me, because he knows enough to say: “Rather than distancing himself from their failures, Obama has rewarded Wall Street incompetents with more White House jobs than even George W. Bush did in his administration. JP Morgan, GE and others got hundreds of millions in bailout cash.”

And, it’s another sign of progress being made by The Many ( the thousands of Ron Paul supporters ) who have been spreading the word for some years now.

We’re breaking thru barriers that no one has been able to crash for decades.

Those of us in what often is called the liberty movement (those of us who have been around for decades, are familiar with the phrase “it usually begins with Ayn Rand”.  And that was to describe how so many of us got our initiation to liberty.

Maybe for decent, wholesome politicians, if indeed there is a crop of them coming, it’ll be “it all began with Ron Paul”.  And that alone would make the whole thing worthwhile.

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