California Primary Today-Another Farce

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It is impossible to see any actual excitement in today’s GOP primary.

Below, watch one of our films on Ron Paul Speeches-How’s that for excitement!

You can view all our Ron Paul Speech films HERE.

That Davis event was just a month ago, as was the San Diego Speech.  Where’s the excitement?

Well, just look at the ballot, look at the preordained winners….

4 different people have asked me in just the last couple days if they “should vote”.

They figure since I work campaigns I ought to know, or something like that; I never actually have figured out why anyone would ask me if they should vote.  Why would anyone ask anyone?

Perhaps it is because for more than 1 year Mainstream Media has declared Mitt Romney the frontrunner, the presumptive nominee and other very fine things.

Anything other than what the Mutt is, which is uninspiring, dull, scripted and all in all no different than the bum in the White House already.

Ron Paul certainly has engaged, certainly has caught fire with a devoted following.

Today, however, in California AND elsewhere, he’ll get slaughtered again.

That’s not his fault.  It’s not my fault.  It’s not the fault of all those Ron Paul supporters who have busted their tails.

It’s the fault of people strolling freely about and wondering if someone can tell them if they should vote…for whom they should vote.

Today, once again, a majority of the voters walking out of the polling place won’t be able to name the incumbent congress critter for whom they most likely again cast their ballot.

There are no exciting television or radio commercials to report, not in the presidential race anyway.  There are 2 statewide propositions, one to clip smokers for another buck a pack and the other is a scam pretending to install even stricter term limits when in fact it’s doing just the opposite.

The cigarette initiative is a huge moneymaker for some political consultants, as tobacco companies and related entities in that industry are fighting it, as are smokers and anyone with half a brain.

Still, we’re talking voters, so you don’t measure by one full brain per person walking around and finding their way into polling places.

You’re dealing with the likes of people who not only supported both Gulf Wars, but elected an amoral presumed cretin like George W. Bush, re-elected him, let him stay in office for the full 2 terms then elected the next criminal, the current occupant of the White House.  AND, they did it all in what they perceive to be their own best interest.

They did it because “he’s kinda like us” or some such lunacy.

This is the same class of people who jabber about contrived issues  ( such as gay marriage – an issue which wouldn’t be an issue if people didn’t use government to poke their noses into the private activities of others ), about whatever the latest thing on TV is, about nothing really.  They are parrots.  Not all voters are parrots but enough of them are.


When you are talking voters understand this:  a huge chunk of ’em can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Idiots rule.

We get what we get.

More people know who Snookie is than can name their congress critter.

Don’t blame the consultants.  Don’t blame the crooks like Obama and the other venal idiots like Romney.  Blame the voters.

They are in charge.

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4 thoughts on “California Primary Today-Another Farce

  1. Its ok straw polls don’t mean crap remember. Its delegates. I’m going to stick around after and see if I can’t slip in and become one for Ron. I’m in cali. Keep you head up cuz we got this. We really got this. Every time they cheated we got them on tape. We are going to win this. We deserve to.

    • Teresa, it doesn’t work that way.

      California is a primary. If you “stick around after” there’s no after.

      There is no straw poll today.

      California is not a caucus state. There is nothing to stick around for; the vote finishes today.

      • I wish people would actually figure out what the rules are about the state they talk about. The primary directly determines WHICH delegates go to the national convention.

        Same thing is true about South Dakota.If Ron Paul doesn’t win. Ron Paul’s slate doesn’t go. In some states Primarys ARE the only thing.


        • Yes, you are right Tracy, and it can be frustrating.

          However, most Ron Paul supporters are new, those who stick around will be learning for awhile yet.

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