Ron Paul is NOT god – and he just fucked up again

Adam Kokesh did this interview with longtime Paul ally Penny Freeman

It might or might not be your cup of tea.  IF you are a moron, and believe that Ron Paul is god, probably you won’t like it.

Listen to Penny, who has been there (like I have been there) and who speaks from the unique perspective of someone long inside the Paul world.

In the Paul family, it always, ALWAYS is the money.  Ron just took you off.

It’s what the guy does.

She’s telling some truth here.

Going into Tampa it behooves people to wonder.  Do you vote your conscience or do you vote as you are told to vote?

Jesse Benton (and other Paul hirelings are going to be there, telling you what to do).  Will you listen?  Do you have even half a brain? 

Which kind of Ron Paul supporter is going to Tampa?  Idiots, who get all their news from DailyPaul and other lame, inbred sources or people who can think?

The Ron Paul campaign is over.  It’s long over.  It was sold out.  If you don’t believe that you cannot think and probably, you never knew anything anyway.

Did Ron Paul sell it out?  You betcha.

Hey, the guy hasn’t been seen in public since they told him not to appear.

Ron Paul sold you out.

He took your money and he left.

It’s disgusting.

What’s more disgusting is the feeling around that no one should question Saint Ron.

I question the twerp.  24 years in congress is NOT a tough job.

Ron chose that because he made more money doing that.

It IS that simple.  He’s also long been a really stupid office manager.  I’ll not go into that here, I’ll just cite his inlaw, Jesse Benton.

Hey, that’s your money, like I say, I never gave the bastard any.

IF you are going to Tampa and you can think for yourself, why don’t you ask Ron Paul some real hard questions?  He’s gotta explain why he laid down and why, why he’s surrounded himself with inferiors like Jesse Benton.

Ron Paul will not answer that question.  History proves that when pressed on financials, Ron Paul ALWAYS lies.

He’ll lie to you tomorrow or whenever he gets the chance to tell you what a wonderful fellow is Jesse.

Don’t believe it.

Ron Paul is owned.  He’s owned by the RNC.

He doesn’t deserve my support.

IF liberty is the end game, why did Ron Paul punt?

I’m not a dumbass (like the people Ron Paul hires, like Jesse Benton)

Still, it’s 1st down, the whole clock still ticking, and Paul punts.

I’m gonna keep asking till Ronnie babe answers.

He fucked up again.

Don’t give the guy one dime.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul is NOT god – and he just fucked up again

  1. Thanks Adam for the report. I am putting more in context after noting some really strange inconsistencies as a grassrooting volunteer. One example was why the campaign put so much emphasis on a phone bank poll of voter opinion that did not persuade to vote for RP. Mining information from voters then failed to provide delegate list for Vermont while the phone bank purpose according to campaign officials was to produce delegates? I wanted to post your page on my FB group “Upper Valley and Keene, NH Freedom Fighters”, for the insights here but I hate that you used “F” word in the tittle that undermines an otherwise articulate analysis. Otherwise thanks for all the great work you do especially to bring to light the atrocities of US foreign policy.
    Oh WTF, I am going to post this any way.

    • Adam Kokesh is the guy in the video.

      I’m John Slevin.

      This is WinLiberty. We simply posted the video Kokesh did.

      Glad you liked the post.

      There are many, many questions. Penny Freeman brought up some good points.

      We’ll do some more follow-up here.

  2. If you are going to the RNC, then do by all means, vote for Ron Paul! He’s the only hope at the RNC. But I agree, Ron Paul is not God, is not the only real leader of the Freedom movement, and made a huge mistake ever running as a Rep. So maybe he is just a shill, really dunno. But it doesn’t matter, if you are going to the RNC and you love freedom, there won’t be anyone else there to vote for, but Ron Paul.

    • Sue, I pretty much agree. I won’t be voting as I’m not a delegate.

      I did change my registration so as to be able to vote for Ron Paul in the California primary.

      That’s all the lowering of standards I could accept this time around.

      In that Tampa hall there are going to be many, many people I just don’t care to be around.

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