Romney Endorsement Controversy Continues to Fester

Folks still are speaking out, many in shock at Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

From a recent article on PolicyMic expressing disgust at the endorsement:

“It is important not to get caught up in an improper attachment to a political figure. When people show approval towards politicians who engage in what they know to be bad behavior, they take on the role of an enabler. ”

article by Michael Suede-original, unedited post HERE

To that list now add Tom Woods, who uses the occasion to suggest personnel changes at Campaign for Liberty, the organization founded by Ron Paul and which currently is run by John Tate.


Woods reveals he previously has warned Ron Paul against listening to specific (unnamed people) who Woods believes are responsible for some of the recent, confusing actions of the Ron Paul campaign.

As he has for some time now, Ron Paul remains silent.  It leads one to wonder who is in charge of the campaign (asylum).

Ron Paul needs to do what his campaign never did.  He needs to communicate with his supporters, directly and to the point.

This doesn’t have to be a big deal.  The people paid to speak for Ron Paul have made a mess of it.

He needs to speak for himself.  Below is one of our films, Ron Paul Passion.  Ron Paul can and must speak for himself, before lessers do him harm.

The power and achievements of what some call “the movement” and others call R3volution or The Ron Paul R3volution never was about the campaign or the candidate.  As WinLiberty films have sought to document, it’s about the achievements of The Many.  The supporters, the grassroots.  They are the people who have achieved what has been achieved.

It’s the message and not the messenger.

We are proud to have documented so much of the essential message and the massive crowds attending Ron Paul speeches.

See all our Ron Paul films here.

And please consider making a generous contribution to our efforts to record this history,.

4 thoughts on “Romney Endorsement Controversy Continues to Fester

  1. I sometimes feel alone in my passion for the man and his message — listening, then heeding the recommendations of those more sagacious than me has always been advantageous for me — so I will continue my support in word and dollars to give my dear country a chance to be at peace the way Solomon did after David and Saul proffered a century of war. Peace is worth the effort whether anyone else thinks so or not. GOD bless you Doc, and you too Tom (your languor is precipitously premature, btw) America may get swallowed up by new world greedy oligarchs or it could be spared the decimation of global politics/weaponry; who’s to say but GOD. Man has redundantly proved his foolishness, few worst than I it would seem, still, I admire the mettle and mien which Doctor Ron Paul represents and he already IS my President, even if y’all do things your way. Got ilk?

  2. When i clicked link for video it says This video is private. Works about as well as ron paul communicates to his supporters

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