Ron Paul Just WON the Iowa Delegates He “lost” in January


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Today, Ron Paul officially won most of Iowa’s 28 available delegates to the GOP National Convention in Tampa.

Contrary to what just about every Mainstream Media outlet has put out since January, the delegates never could be won until this weekend, because those are the rules, the longstanding rules.

What was clear back in January, to EVERY non-biased, informed observer is that Ron Paul’s supporters completely SWAMPED the caucuses and since then, took control of the Iowa GOP.

You’ll NOT be seeing this on your television newscasts, at least not much mention of it.  How is Wolf Blitzer to begin telling you that story?

“Well, you see folks, since January we’ve been lying to you…”


“Well, you see folks, we never actually knew what the hell was happening so we just kept talking and showing you pretty pictures so we could keep you staring at the screen and sell you a bunch of stuff…”

It doesn’t take much imagination to believe the GOP nomination wouldn’t be Romney’s IF Mainstream Media hadn’t spent more than a year telling their various audiences that a) Ron Paul isn’t a serious candidate and can’t make it and b) he loses every primary and caucus.

In reality, he’s been winning or coming close in most contests.  He WON the first contest.

They won’t tell you that.

WinLiberty continues to cover Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

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John P. Slevin



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