Meet Ron Paul Supporter “Satch”!

Lady Godiva Will Ride as Ron Paul Supporters Rally at California Capitol (info)

ALL Kinds Support Ron Paul!

Chex Out My Boogie (nickname: “Satch”) Lady Godiva’s Horse

Shown here with owner Wendy Jackson


Please Take a moment to say thank you to Wendy Jackson owner/handler of Satch 916-837-9303

Wendy has generously donated her time and her horse to support our efforts for Ron Paul.

Wendy Jackson is a longtime teacher and has worked in Sacramento County for the past 22 years and for 10 years prior to that elsewhere.  She is available for hire as a tutor and specializes in training students for preparatory school exams for schools like Jesuit High and Christian Brothers.  None of her students ever has failed the entrance exam.

We highly recommend Wendy Jackson

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