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Ron Paul has been ignored and lied about by political hustlers and Mainstream Media.

Lady Godiva Rides for Ron Paul! Rally at California State Capitol

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UPDATED: new location-Now on North Side (L Street) of California State Capitol

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Lady Godiva has announced her endorsement of presidential candidate Ron Paul and will ride at the California State Capitol on Friday, May 18th at 9am.

Famous for her 11th century ride against oppressive taxation, Godiva said : “things are in the worst mess I’ve ever seen, and Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who is trying to do anything about it.”  Speakers at the event include:

Lady Godiva: She will sing Taxman (by George Harrison)

Perry Auch: He will discuss issues of the day and Paul’s positions which are distinct from all the candidates who have contended for the GOP nomination. (Auch co-ordinates activities in California’s 7th congressional district).

Lt. Bobby Ross: He will speak about veterans issues.  (Ross is a Vietnam Veteran).

There will be a flag folding and presentation of the flag to Ron Paul, in absentia.  On behalf of Ron Paul, Godiva will receive the flag from veterans.

The event will be conducted on the North Side of the capitol and will begin along L street,leading up to the North Side steps of the capitol. Godiva will mount and ride a horse to the steps where speakers will make their presentations.

Mainstream Media continues to ignore the startling support and victories won by Ron Paul at GOP local and state conventions, where his supporters continue to swamp all opposition, including “presumptive nominee Mitt Romney”.

Paul continues to rack up victories and over the weekend his supporters dominated Romney followers at GOP contests in Oklahoma and Arizona-with barely a peep from TV, radio and print “news” organizations.

For accurate campaign news, Reporters and Editors are encouraged to look beyond the historically inaccurate and inept accounts offered by institutions such as Associated Press and instead look at the detailed, accurate reporting available on

At all delegate contests are studied and reported, and the actual delegate allocations and “count” vary significantly from the figures routinely reported on television, radio and in daily newspapers.

Media inquiries and requests for interviews prior to the event:  John P. Slevin Organizer/People United for Ron Paul 916-290-8618  Full event coverage available at:


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