GOP Smackdown

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[This is Pt. 1 of the WinLiberty series on the GOP convention-The Introduction is HERE]

GOP Smackdown in Tampa

WinLiberty told you the GOP convention is going to be a hatefest and there will be blood.

“There’s no place for the GOP to go.  They are going to bust some heads in Tampa.  That’s all that makes sense to them anymore, it’s what they know.  They are going for it.  It won’t be pretty.” John P. Slevin

At the Democratic convention in 1968 there was what has been called a “police riot”.

The older people couldn’t understand why war and murder of millions was wrong.

At the GOP convention in Tampa 2012, Ron Paul supporters will press the age old claim for justice.  The GOP isn’t going to like it and they are gearing up for trouble.

In 1968, Eugene McCarthy answered claims that he was a weird sort of Pied Piper who’d corrupted the youth of America while standing for those who chose to oppose war.

He answered them as Ron Paul answers for the youth of America today.

The Pied Piper

Ron Paul supporters are the McCarthy supporters.  2012 is 1968.

If we get enough support WinLiberty is going to be in Tampa.  We want to cover this convention. WinLiberty has a history of telling the Truth.  We told you the Truth about the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul.

Let us finish the story.  Help us with your contributions and WinLiberty will bring you the Truth from Tampa.  You can Donate HERE.

WinLiberty has told the Truth about Massive Crowds for Ron Paul and we’ll continue to tell the Truth right thru Tampa.

Give Peace a Chance!  Help WinLiberty tell the Truth.

John P. Slevin

2 thoughts on “GOP Smackdown

  1. Very well done – I agree, the comparison is there, being for peace and the youth following Ron Paul now, though I hadn’t made the link there. I really hope Ron Paul supporters turn out in force and we carry the day for liberty, but wow, there might be violence, it’s true, state force used to bully us and disallow a free vote.
    Thank you, by the way, for showing the truth of the crowds of thousands for Ron Paul in different places. It’s people like you who carry the movement forward. Of course, this is not about any person, as Ron Paul says, but about all of us in the movement and freedom. About taking our country back, and not a moment too soon. We have a long road ahead of us but we just can’t give up.

    • Yes Angel, it’s true. Since Eugene McCarthy there hasn’t been an outpouring of response by Americans. The Ron Paul supporters far outstrip the McCarthy young. I mean, it’s not even close.

      That’s what inspired me to do the Ron Paul Speech films I have done; that was the genesis.

      That, and the certain knowledge that IF it isn’t documented then it never happened.

      It happened. We’ve documented the fact. It IS a fact and now that never will be denied. They can try, but they can’t slam that barn door on us.

      Thank you for your generous comments.

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