Doug Wead Appeals to Morons

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Some gutter morons just interviewed Doug Wead and it really is for laughs.

Tracy Diaz, Josh Tolley and RonPaulTribune just helped Doug Wead scam some more people out of money.

I figure it’s time to call a spade a spade. Tracy and Josh are super morons, Doug Wead is what he is…and well, just watch this shit.

Right at the beginning, the dumbass Diaz says she’s sure Ron Paul still can win the nomination AND that there’ll be hundreds of thousands of his followers in Tampa.

She’s a dumbass…and Josh Tolley, the guy who doesn’t correct her, he’s a dumbass and ronpaulribune, well, they are scamming on this.  They just had a known con artist on the air and they didn’t call him what he was.  Doug Wead IS a con artist, he cons people out of money, he does it for Ron Paul and here, he does it with the help of ronpaultribune.

“…We’d need 40 or 50 million dollars to do it…”  Dougie Wead said that.

Guess what Dougie, Ron Paul, your boss, took off his contributors for that…what’s your explanation?

Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley couldn’t possibly do worse

The moron Tracy actually says there’ll be hundreds of thousands in Tampa.  Want to bet you magnificently stupid person?

Josh, well, the guy literally pops a boner near the end, actually saying “that’s what we’ve been waiting to hear”…or something like that.  I can’t understand yokels like this, and I don’t know why ronpaultribune put them on, but they did so I revoke everything nice I ever said about Chris Dillard and the folks over there.

That’s moron city. is responsible for this fiasco, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Probably, they are not.  Morons who put this kind of stuff out there speak for themselves, they sure as hell don’t speak for me.

That’s the sad thing.  Complete, obvious idiots like Sanchez and Tolley continue to give a pass to obvious con artists on the Ron Paul payroll, people like Doug Wead.

Hey, the gooood news is, after this election?  Ron Paul goes back to being a nobody, a guy who appeals just to morons, like Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley.  The rest of us can just laugh like hell at the morons, at ronpaultribune, at Tracy Diaz, Josh Tolley and the other idiots.

In a good mood, I’d say all they are trying to do is leech some of the support dollars from Ron Paul.

If you are reading my blog, well, I think you are safe.

You aren’t that stupid, are you?

John P. Slevin

5 thoughts on “Doug Wead Appeals to Morons

  1. Oh ya! Doug is a master con man, the phony preacher, boring writer(All the Presidents Children) SNOOOOR, And Amway and now Xango pitchman, will do anything for a buck.
    You got to look him up on Youtube under Doug Wead Xango Russia, watch the old con man try to get a bunch of Rooskies exited about selling $38.00 fruit juice to all thier friends and relative’s in an Amway style pyramid scheme.

  2. That was kinda harsh man, I didn’t even watch more then a few minutes of this interview because it seemed like a bunch of dribble from the second Wead started to speak. But I think it would serve our voice and ideas better to critically debunk point for point, rather then vent and label people as fools & idiots (even if the label fits). I’m just as frustrated as you, but we have to bring people in with our intellect, not the force of our convictions. Don’t let the mainstream label us angry radical maniacs, don’t give them the opportunity to write that narrative. Its hard to watch our movement be manipulated, co-opted, and sabotaged. Its even harder to watch how corruption thrives within the system and yet it goes completely unnoticed. But its even more difficult for me to see our words and ideas be marginalized, slandered, and misrepresented to the public. Don’t give our enemies any fuel, don’t let them see us cry, be strong and stick to the strength of intellectual and morally sound ideas.

    Am I far off on this one?

    Thanks for everything you do John.

    – Perry

    • Perry, it’s like this.

      I got that email you sent out the other day, to the “troops” and apparently, I’m one of them, on your list at least, ’cause, after all, I got it. In that you referred to some secret conference and also to some “infilatration”.

      What a pure bunch of bullshit.

      Look, it’s not at all like that. The Ron Paul campaign did NOTHING in California. You did. Others did. The guys who got and spent some 40 million plus did nothing. I only can infer that those are the same people who just stroked you, again, with what you now repeat to your email list (the aforementioned which got me that communication from you about the secret details and the alleged infilatration).

      Look. There was nothing to infiltrate.

      I do campaigns. I believed at the beginning and I believe now that the only way for Ron Paul to go was what commonly is called a “decentralized” campaign. There actually are examples, but not really at the national level (not since McCarthy anyway; arguably, McGovern).

      You sure as shit don’t do it by “secret” discussions then sent down to people you wish to include. What is the thought pattern there?

      Far be that from my poor mind to understand. Look, it’s like this. You want to know sometime how to reach 100,00 voters and get their take on something specific? Aak me. I’ll tell you. I’ll give you a price.

      You want to imagine what might have been? Keep listening to those you have been. Was that Jesse Benton running that conference call?

      Show me ONE time Jesse Benton EVER has run an actual campaign for ANYTHING or ANYONE then I might treat your comment with some more dignity than it seems to be getting in this response.

      Now, as to the fact that I like you and consider you very bright and a good Joe, yes. And, YES, I was unnecessarily harsh on some very young people. However, I was tricked by those young people. I pumped the shit out of their bullshit and transparently false interview of Doug Wead who is a turd in his own, well Documented right.

      You can march to whatever drum you wish.

      I recommend you begin to keep more exclusive company.

      Best wishes.

      • Hey John,

        I actually agree with you on all counts, and no I don’t “do business” with Benton or the like. What I was referring to was something organized locally here in California, which I am certainly not the driving force of.

        I have my personal feelings, but I do try to at least pass information along to others who wish to get involved in the Republican party. Personally I see the rEVOLution as a coalition which spans the political spectrum, and I see that as a positive. Putting all of our efforts into one political party seems like a waste and I hope it doesn’t kill the movement by driving it into an unmovable wall.

        But, it would be nice to keep the network of communication open which the California Ron Paul Campaign effort built. And of course when i say the Campaign I mean the grassroots which put on the buttons and t-shirts and did ALL OF THE WORK. Its really no secret that the official campaign has done nothing.

        My comments to you were really not to try to change your tune, just to challenge you to layout the context and strength of your argument more then to sound off (albeit righteous) emotion. Certainly its easy for me to say, as I don’t have a very visible blog and only my wife gets to listen to my outbursts.

        At this point I really don’t know how to move forward. As I look around I don’t feel very good about much of what “our goals” are. I love to hear your thoughts and I will continue to read your blog and I absolutely consider you “one of the troops” as I’ve crossed paths with you several times now and know you to be one of the few actually doing the work and for the right reasons.

        Anyway, I appreciate the clarification, and your point of view.

        – Perry

        • Perry, thank you, and I’m only just now seeing your nice additional comments.

          As for those I’ve recently “crossed paths with” you are one of the best speakers, as you demonstrated with I saw you speak downtown. You did an excellent job in a very inhospitable situation and that’s a remarkable, valuable ability.

          I have many thoughts of how to “proceed”, chief among them being keep on keeping on…

          I’ll be using this blog for among other things inviting people to consider options having to do with tactics which don’t include a partisan focus.

          I have nothing against partisan activities; I just note that there are limits to all tactics.

          Liberty is the goal.

          Thank you.

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