Lady Godiva Endorses Ron Paul. Will Ride Again!

Lady Godiva has endorsed presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Lady Godiva in the 11th Century

Godiva, most famous for her 11th Century act of defiance against an oppressive tax will again ride against government oppression.

The event begins on the North side of the State Capitol, on L Street.  At 9am PST Godiva will lead a march of many cheering, sign waving Ron Paul supporters to the north steps of the California state capitol.

Speakers Include:

  • Lady Godiva: She’ll sing George Harrison’s famous anti-tax song.
  • Perry Auch: California’s 7th Congressional District co-ordinator for the Ron Paul campaign will discuss civil liberties and other important issues.
  • Lt. Bobby Ross: The Vietnam Veteran will speak about how Ron Paul is the only candidate advocating a sane, peaceful foreign policy.  Paul is the ONLY candidate who strictly opposes unconstitutional, undeclared war.  Ross co-wrote this touching song about loved ones lost to war: Say Hi To Dad For Me.

The event will end by 10:00am all speeches will be completed by 9:30am PST.

Media Contact: John P. Slevin Organizer/People United for Ron Paul and Director/WinLiberty 916-290-8618 and

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