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 Friday, May 18th 4:30am

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Despite continued interference by the California Highway Patrol, the Ron Paul Rally at the California State capitol will take place at the scheduled time, today, May 18th—on the North side of the capitol, at 9am-IF the CHP doesn’t find new ways to try and prohibit this protected speech activity.

Capitol guns for hire, the CHP began interfering with this rally for a presidential candidate last week by refusing to acknowledge the submission of a written “event permit application” and explicitly denying that there in fact was any right to hold such a Rally.

Only on Tuesday of this week did CHP even acknowledge receipt of that application and the CHP DENIED that citizens have any right to hold this Rally.

John P. Slevin, organizer of the Rally, complained to the Governor’s Office, which according to CHP, controls the East Side Steps of the capitol, where the Rally originally was to take place—Slevin spoke with “Gabriella”, a lady who works for the Governor.

CHP spokesperson Officer Kenyon had stated to Slevin that “we have the right to deny permits.”  Later, CHP indicated they would allow the Rally, but not on the East steps and they said no animals EVER were allowed on the capitol grounds.

Slevin explained to the Governor’s office and to Officer Kenyon that there were many, many photos of animals on the capitol grounds, including the Governor’s dog (Sutter) who frequently has been seen roaming the East Side—and he cited multiple other animals have been “allowed” on the grounds, including horses with riders…especially mounted officers on their animals.

Finally, and only on Wednesday afternoon of this week, did the CHP inform Slevin that he would be approved for a Rally on the North side of the capitol (that the East Side was “out”) and that the event would require special insurance for which the organizers must pay.

Slevin inquired as to the availability of the insurance and was informed by many in the industry that there simply was no way to get such insurance except with far more time allowed to process IF such insurance even could be found.  CHP claims the insurance is required due to the presence of the horse.

Slevin asked the CHP and the Governor’s office to show that the Governor has provided proof of insurance for Sutter, the 1st Dog.

“These bums with guns for which citizens are forced to buy the bullets are attempting to violate the rights of citizens to express themselves.  We won’t be prohibited, we won’t be silenced” said Slevin.

“We’re going to be there showing support for Ron Paul, our candidate.”

Longstanding California and federal law restricts any government agency or agent from interfering with protected speech activities unless there is a “legitimate governmental purpose” and then ONLY if it is the least restrictive means necessary of achieving that purpose, ONLY if any such restrictions are in writing and applied equally to all and ONLY if alternative channels of communication remain open.  Also, any such restrictions cannot be arbitrary, such as the CHP’s insistence that all applications must be received by their rarely staffed office at least 10 business days in advance and where such things as insurance “requirements” are imposed at the whim of questionable bureaucrats.

“Our overpaid and underperforming CHP officers are flouting this law which they are responsible to uphold” said Slevin.  He added that “the CHP doesn’t even staff the capitol event permit office which provides employment to some of these bums.  I’ve been there in person and I’ve phoned and emailed.  They rarely even are in that office and they’ve explained to me that they have ‘more important duties’.  Yeah.  Right.”

“You can’t stop an idea whose time has come” said Slevin, citing a remark frequently made by Ron Paul.

Today, Friday, May 18th Ron Paul speaks to the Minnesota GOP Convention at 6pm CST.

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Media Contact: John P. Slevin  Organizer/People United for Ron Paul-Director/WinLiberty 916-290-8618


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