Lady Godiva Rally-First Pictures

Photos courtesy of Lt. Bobby Ross ( hear his song about veterans here )

Lady Godiva ( Breanna Baker ) & Wendy Jackson & Satch

Wendy Jackson provided Satch, Godiva’s horse-See More Info Here

We had flags and Ron Paul Signs

Lady Godiva Rides!

left, background: Jeff Mikkelsen (filming) Betty Liberty and Perry Auch Speaking

2 thoughts on “Lady Godiva Rally-First Pictures

  1. We had a Lady Godiva ride at the Calif. state capitol in the 1980’s, ’81, ’82, or ’83 I think. Same deal, a pink body suit.

    • It was April 15, 1983, and the speaker was this guy from Orangevale, what was his name again? 🙂

      As you might remember, that got media all over the nation. Of course, it didn’t come with a campaign manager like Jesse Benton.

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