Rosa Parks Is My Hero

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She’s dead now.  Rosa IS my hero.

Rosa in Jail

Most of us don’t know this photo.

And FUCK YOU if you don’t know who that is..

You are right in the dullard class, the Cris Dillard, the Josh Tolley the Stacy ignorami…

Iditoti, that and you just stop reading here, cause you want people to steal from you.

Those few of us who were lucky enough to meet Ms. Parks and to know this wonderful woman, do.

And we can cry, yes, and we should. I just got to know her and I only can exalt.

Hell of a person.  Never asked for anything.  Never got anything.  If you asked Rosa before she died who I was she would not know.

No one actually knew Rosa in my small circle; let me explain, ’cause that chick rocked our world.

I met her once, in John Conyer’s DC office.  She was the black chick standing off to the side.  I went out of that office not knowing whose hand I’d shook.  I went back looking for her, and she was gone.

The person who told me whose hand I’d shook, well, she worked for the guy I worked for.  She knew what I did not.  I figured, John Conyers, black guy, congressman.  Hell, he had black people working there.  I could get in (yes, it WAS like that then).  Conyer liked John E. Moss, see?  See, it was like that then.  John E. Moss was a great guy.  Let some twerp idiot like me throw his name around, got me everywhere.  Even when I didn’t have a clue.

Mostly, had no clue.

So, Rosa.

I sure as shit wish someone had told me I met her.  I DID shake her hand, I remember that like it was yesterday,she was standing under this picture of friggin EIsenhower.  I kid you not.

This was John  Conyers office, and I worked for Moss.  I don’t wish to demean Mr. Conyers, but Jesus H,. Christ, she was standing under a pic of Eisenhower.

See, that’s why I shook her hand.  She was there.

It could have been anyone. Then I went into the inner sanctum, and  I delivered whatever stupid message an 18 year old could deliver on behalf of John E. Moss to John Conyers.

Then, I left, probably making a beeline to the basement, because, well, they fed us well and I’ve documented that.  I mean, I LIKE to eat.

So this lawyer lady was with me.  She had no real reason to be there except it was ordered  by the Chairman. That was determined the night beforfe.

So I walk out of there and I’m discussing what an SOB Conyers is an how I’ll report his ass to Moss and the lady says “Woah”. She asks if I know whose hand I shook under that picture.

She was a very pretty lady. She looked more like this, when I met her:

Rosa Parks


See, no one knew Rosa.  Although she was my personal idol, when I met her I was “too busy” or something like that.  Rosa was really, really cool.

No one really knew Rosa.  She said someithing to me like “glad to meet ya” and that’s probably what I said to her.  I mean, that’s Rosa Parks, I just did not know.

There are not too many photos going around, let me tell you this.  If you don’t understand, meeting this lady was the highlight of my life.  She woudln’t tell you she remembers me.  I sure as hell remember Ms. Rosa Parks.

See, I shook the hand and I never knew I was meeting my idol.  Rosa, RIP.

John P. Slevin

Doug Wead Appeals to Morons

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Some gutter morons just interviewed Doug Wead and it really is for laughs.

Tracy Diaz, Josh Tolley and RonPaulTribune just helped Doug Wead scam some more people out of money.

I figure it’s time to call a spade a spade. Tracy and Josh are super morons, Doug Wead is what he is…and well, just watch this shit.

Right at the beginning, the dumbass Diaz says she’s sure Ron Paul still can win the nomination AND that there’ll be hundreds of thousands of his followers in Tampa.

She’s a dumbass…and Josh Tolley, the guy who doesn’t correct her, he’s a dumbass and ronpaulribune, well, they are scamming on this.  They just had a known con artist on the air and they didn’t call him what he was.  Doug Wead IS a con artist, he cons people out of money, he does it for Ron Paul and here, he does it with the help of ronpaultribune.

“…We’d need 40 or 50 million dollars to do it…”  Dougie Wead said that.

Guess what Dougie, Ron Paul, your boss, took off his contributors for that…what’s your explanation?

Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley couldn’t possibly do worse

The moron Tracy actually says there’ll be hundreds of thousands in Tampa.  Want to bet you magnificently stupid person?

Josh, well, the guy literally pops a boner near the end, actually saying “that’s what we’ve been waiting to hear”…or something like that.  I can’t understand yokels like this, and I don’t know why ronpaultribune put them on, but they did so I revoke everything nice I ever said about Chris Dillard and the folks over there.

That’s moron city. is responsible for this fiasco, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Probably, they are not.  Morons who put this kind of stuff out there speak for themselves, they sure as hell don’t speak for me.

That’s the sad thing.  Complete, obvious idiots like Sanchez and Tolley continue to give a pass to obvious con artists on the Ron Paul payroll, people like Doug Wead.

Hey, the gooood news is, after this election?  Ron Paul goes back to being a nobody, a guy who appeals just to morons, like Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley.  The rest of us can just laugh like hell at the morons, at ronpaultribune, at Tracy Diaz, Josh Tolley and the other idiots.

In a good mood, I’d say all they are trying to do is leech some of the support dollars from Ron Paul.

If you are reading my blog, well, I think you are safe.

You aren’t that stupid, are you?

John P. Slevin

GOP Smackdown

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[This is Pt. 1 of the WinLiberty series on the GOP convention-The Introduction is HERE]

GOP Smackdown in Tampa

WinLiberty told you the GOP convention is going to be a hatefest and there will be blood.

“There’s no place for the GOP to go.  They are going to bust some heads in Tampa.  That’s all that makes sense to them anymore, it’s what they know.  They are going for it.  It won’t be pretty.” John P. Slevin

At the Democratic convention in 1968 there was what has been called a “police riot”.

The older people couldn’t understand why war and murder of millions was wrong.

At the GOP convention in Tampa 2012, Ron Paul supporters will press the age old claim for justice.  The GOP isn’t going to like it and they are gearing up for trouble.

In 1968, Eugene McCarthy answered claims that he was a weird sort of Pied Piper who’d corrupted the youth of America while standing for those who chose to oppose war.

He answered them as Ron Paul answers for the youth of America today.

The Pied Piper

Ron Paul supporters are the McCarthy supporters.  2012 is 1968.

If we get enough support WinLiberty is going to be in Tampa.  We want to cover this convention. WinLiberty has a history of telling the Truth.  We told you the Truth about the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul.

Let us finish the story.  Help us with your contributions and WinLiberty will bring you the Truth from Tampa.  You can Donate HERE.

WinLiberty has told the Truth about Massive Crowds for Ron Paul and we’ll continue to tell the Truth right thru Tampa.

Give Peace a Chance!  Help WinLiberty tell the Truth.

John P. Slevin

Obama and Romney Woo, Lie to Hispanics

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Obama & Romney Try to Con Hispanics

This week Obama and Romney each made a speech to an Hispanic group. Not surprisingly, both men claim to be best for the job of president.

Neither man is a wise choice for any decent American.

For Hispanics the question is actual survival.

Hispanic defendants account for more than 40% of federal convictions although they are just 13% of the US population.  For many years, Hispanics and Blacks have been the main targets in the twisted, evil War on Drugs and the desire of many Americans to maintain our status as history’s greatest jailer nation.

Obama and Romney zealously and stridently guard the lucrative Drug War industry.  Both men promise to expand it, not to end it.  Each man LIKES putting non white people in prison.

Hopefully, Hispanics will reject Obama and Romney.  Each is a clown but more importantly, each is twisted.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson urges an end to the insanity and evil which is the War on Drugs.  It’s not a question of whether or not he can win, it’s the principle of the thing.

And, it’s about self-respect.  If you are Hispanic or Black why in the hell would you vote for Obama or Romney?  Each man promises to lock you up and won’t hesitate to do so if you give him the chance.

Hispanics in PrisonGood and decent Americans of all colors must reject the Drug War not just in theory or as some hope for a far off future.  We must reject the Drug Warriors now, all of them and we might as well begin by rejecting Obama and Romney.

Each man has embraced the ugly racism which is the rotten core of the Drug War.

John P. Slevin

GOP Ready to Bust Some Heads in Tampa

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[Note: this is an introduction to an ongoing series of reports]

The GOP Is Capable of Busting Many Heads in Tampa

Ahead of the GOP convention there are disquieting indications that Tampa and Republican honchos are gearing up to do some serious violence to people and the already tattered Bill of Rights.

Whether your trip to the Tampa GOP convention is to support Ron Paul, otherwise protest the GOP or simply to be a witness to convention happenings be very, very careful.

BearCat Swat Vehicle(The BearCat is one of Tampa’s Toys for the GOP convention in August)

On the one hand, the GOP convention is a coronation of Mitt Romney.  On the other, it’s a chance to grab more tax money and add to already overstocked police arsenals.

Tampa just got 50 million more dollars, courtesy of federal taxpayers.  The money may be used basically any way the city chooses so long as it’s supposedly for GOP convention security under the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security (which these days is top dog in major party security).

Already, the city has gleefully paid out nearly $300,000.00 for the BearCat Swat Vehicle pictured above (“BearCat” is an acronym for Ballstic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck).  That’s just one of the many armored vehicles which might well be roaming the streets as peaceful people gather to be a part of history in the making.

It’s not clear where “counter attack” fits into the equation.  How many conventioneers and/or protestors will be commuting, politicking and speechifying via armored vehicle?

The Republican host city also is adding new “eye in the sky” and other snoop technology for the immediate, express purpose of keeping an eye on conventioneers and anyone else in the area.

Originally, discussions included adding at least 2 unmanned drone aircraft to monitor Tampa from above, but that plan was scrapped in favor of upgrading video technology in existing police helicopters and providing live feeds to officers on the ground.

Security CameraTampa City officials and police acknowledge that at least 60 new surveillance cameras will be installed (locations are being kept secret) and that up to 4,000 additional police officers will be imported from other Florida communities to augment the 950 strong Tampa police force.

Tampa also has considered and even adopted some strange new ordinances to handle potential “trouble” in the streets, including a zero tolerance for gas masks.  Yes, even as they ramp up their ability to gas and otherwise maim citizens Tampa police are limiting defensive postures an astute citizen might wish to take.

Free Speech and plain old physical safety are not laughing matters.  WinLiberty hopes all those attending the GOP convention in Tampa will be safe and that all Tampa Police and assorted (sordid) other government goons will be restrained in their use of force.

Certainly, they’ve already damaged our public pocketbook.

Politics in America largely is a duopoly affair, and we don’t absolve the other half.  A week after the GOP confab the Democratic Party is holding a convention in Charlotte, NC.  And those jackasses also are up to no good with the constabulary in that city.

WinLiberty will be issuing periodic updates and more detailed reports.

There is A WHOLE LOT of spending going on…police arms and monitoring capabilities have been and are being added to police agencies in Tampa and Charlotte–all intended to limit and punish anyone with a fresh idea or who simply doesn’t fit in with the powers who control the two major parties.  It’s all very, very disconcerting.

John P. Slevin


Boys (& Girls) Still on the Bus

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Boys (& Girls) Still on the Bus

Why didn’t Mainstream Media report that Mitt Romney’s bus tour was a huge flop? WinLiberty has documented that flop HERE & HERE.

The same media outlets which have ignored the massive crowds for Ron Paul speeches also have just ignored no crowds for The MUTT.

Mitt's Luxury Bus(belatedly, today’s New York Times online had this photo from inside the bus)

How come we never saw contemporaneous accounts from inside that bus?  Why didn’t Mainstream Media report the facts, the truth of that poorly planned and executed disaster which was The MUTT’s bus tour?

In the seminal work Boys on the Bus author Timothy Crouse exposed what the decried as the very shallow, imitative tendencies of American political journalism in the 1972 presidential election (Crouse was writing for Rolling Stone as was another journalist, Hunter S. Thompson who’d also produce a great book about that campaign Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72)

Boys on the Bus Crouse coined the term pack journalism to describe how journalists ape one another and how the news industry encourages the phenomenon, to the detriment of any reader/viewer who desires honest, detailed reporting.  Crouse documented and explained that almost all industry journalists churn out the same dull, misleading story, time after time, event after event.

Mitt Romney just got a pass from a press corps which should have reported that The MUTT’s bus tour was a huge fiasco, a series of uninspiring, unimaginative and pathetic GOP grunts and groans with very tiny ‘crowds’.  Instead, it was treated as great theater.

Flattering, closely cropped camera angles ensured that the audience (that’s all of us at home) never saw that in reality, very few people actually were at these speeches…at least, they never even came close to generating the kind of spontaneous and very large crowds which characterized all those Ron Paul speeches.

America was denied a chance to learn that many thousands of people came out to see and hear Ron Paul.  Now, the same Mainstream Media have overhyped The MUTT’s bus tour, treating it as important political news when in fact there was no there there…no audience, at least not like the thousands of enthusiastic people who populated the actual crowds for Ron Paul.

Why didn’t American readers and viewers see that fairly opulent bus in which The MUTT traveled and why weren’t we all clued into the fact that in reality, the guy took to traveling by air for more of his bus tour miles than he actually spent down here on the ground with the rest of us?

Journalism in America today could use the likes of Crouse and Thompson, 2 individuals who simply and professionally told the truth…instead of what we’ve got, a tribe of apes, journalists who don’t know the truth much less have the ability or strength of character to insist on reporting it to us.

The MUTT just scammed us and Mainstream Media helped him do it.  The MUTT and Mainstream Media each got what they wanted and we learned nothing.

Go figure.

WinLiberty has produced a series of Ron Paul Speech films.  We have covered Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

You can watch all the WinLiberty Ron Paul Speech Films HERE.

John P. Slevin

How Many GOP All-Stars Equal One Ron Paul?

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The MUTT’s Sorry Speech Spectacle Continues

Romney's Small CrowdUpdates:

9:30 am EDT Rally at Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI

Update: Romney BOMBED in Frankenmuth-another tiny crowd

Another small crowd for Romney(almost could fit Romney’s audience into one campaign bus-slight exaggeration )

1:15 pm EDT Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in DeWitt, MI

Update: Another Epic Fail; Crowd of “hundreds”-again not Ron Paul Size

6:25 pm EDT Rally at Holland State Park Holland, MI

They are busing them in; not enough buses, I guess…

Romney and All-Star Republicans Can’t Draw a Large Crowd

To say there’s no excitement for presumed nominee Romney is an understatement.

This MUTT can’t BUY a crowd.  Pawlenty, Ryan, Walker and Boehner -.the bunch of ’em can’t draw a crowd.

By comparison, Ron Paul routinely has drawn thousands to speech events.

Here’s a WinLiberty film recording thousands at a Ron Paul Speech

You can watch all our Ron Paul Speech films HERE

John P. Slevin

Finding the Silver Lining

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Finding the Silver Lining


As the second consecutive Ron Paul campaign for the Republican presidential nomination comes to a close without claiming “the prize” of the nomination it is wise to consider what the end result of any electoral activity ever can be.

Do you wish to win an election or do you wish to be free?

These things are not the same.  This 2012 Ron Paul campaign, like the 2008 effort was a victory, a smashing victory.

Liberty has many new friends.  That is our victory.

The victory was achieved by The Many.

Here’s to The Many

(a short, filmed and edited by Dave Frederick- his YouTube Channel


WinLiberty has produced a series of Ron Paul speech films.  We wanted to document the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul and we achieved that – in High Definition, Living Color.

WinLiberty went to the trouble of making a very extensive video and pictorial record of the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul so that others never can deny that those crowds came out.

That record now exists; let no one say it never happened.  It’s happening.

Make no mistake.  Mainstream Media did ignore, defile and defame all of us who have supported the message of Liberty represented by Ron Paul.  However, they no longer can deny it.

You can view some of that record HERE and at the end of this post.

Our victory has not been won by any man, any candidate or campaign staff.  It has been won in the only way Liberty ever can be won — by individuals standing free and standing tall.

The Many are all those who supported Ron Paul and who came out to see and hear the message of Liberty and who have begun to spread this message in their neighborhoods.

Here’s to The Many – and you can watch our Ron Paul Speech films HERE.

And enjoy the short music video below:

Stand Tall

(America Needs to Stand Tall and Vote for Ron Paul)

(words and music by Kenny Suitter and The Ambush – video produced by WinLiberty)


John P. Slevin

Zombie Vote Solid for Ahmnodt Heare-Candidate Denies Trouble with Ron Paul

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Think that Ron Paul is ignored?  Presidential candidate Ahmnodt Heare is really ignored.

However, Ahmnodt Heare has the Zombie vote locked up.

Zombies for Heare

(pictured: some of the attendees at a recent “Heare Fest”; the striking young lady in the foreground later was seen handing out campaign fliers on a downtown sidewalk)

Pundits and pollsters repeatedly have said that Ron Paul has the youth vote (at least on the Republican side) and that probably is true.  Still, for Zombies Ahmnodt Heare is the only presidential candidate worth supporting.

Heare continues to deny controversial comments

Heare and his official campaign staff continue to deny that either the candidate or any of his top level operatives said anything negative about the Ron Paul campaign.  The Paul campaign has faced recent controversy over Senator Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney and alleged incompetence by the top campaign management.

Reportedly, a senior level advisor to Ahmnodt Heare was overheard to say:

“Our campaign and Paul’s are alike in many ways, of course, and Paul continues to follow the econonomic and foreign policy guidelines Ahmnodt has pioneered.  However, we have strong differences in hiring practices.  Look, everyone knows we here at Ahmnodt Heare for President hire the Undead.  Paul hires the brain dead.  We’ve never done that.  We won’t do that.

Zombie hiring practices aside, there are other differences between the 2 camps. 

Heare is a Vanna White Supremacist while Paul is not and has been married to the same woman for decades.  Heare is proud to say he has been a Vanna White Supremacist for decades “…ever since I first saw her turn a letter.  I’ve got an original copy of the famous 1987 Playboy magazine in which she appeared.  When I met Paul I asked him what he thought of Vanna and he asked me ‘who’s Vanna’ so I’d say that’s a pretty significant difference right there.”

Heare agrees with Paul on the FED but says “…oh sure, it’s gotta go, the FED.  They’re a bunch of crooks, but they really aren’t the main guys in charge.  The real big time crooks, the masterminds are the Cinemafia.”  Ron Paul is considered an expert on the Federal Reserve.  Meanwhile, most acknowledge that Ahmnodt Heare is the leading authority on the Cinemafia.

Denies he’ll share any ticket with Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme

For months, rumors swirled around reports of several secret meetings between the 2 “outsider” presidential candidates, Heare and Vermin Supreme.  The meetings were very much under the radar and included only the 2 candidates and their highest advisors.

Last week, Heare officially stated he’d never share a ticket with Supreme adding “I can’t work with that guy, no one can.  Besides, he’s always promising everyone free ponies and I counted.  He’s only got 5 of ’em and one is dead.  I wanted a pony, just like anyone, but like I said you can’t trust that guy.”

Some analysts believe the two never could agree on who would take the second place spot and one account quoted an unnamed, high ranking Heare official as saying “…frankly, Ahmnodt insists on the top spot and we never would trust Vermin in the number 2 spot anyway.  That’s a heartbeat away from the presidency and there’s no way Ahmnodt ever would feel safe, you know?”

The REAL reason for the Heare/Supreme Split

WinLiberty investigators have uncovered the real story.

This was a tussle over the Zombie vote.  In reality, Supreme was sent in by operatives of the Republican National Committee to try and split the Zombie vote which both would destroy Heare’s campaign and give a boost to Supreme.

Neither Supreme nor Heare is a Republican, but Romney is running scared and didn’t want any new leader to arise…he wants to be seen as the only man capable of saving the planet from 4 more years of Obama.  A Zombie uprising was seen as harmful to this image.

Romney never figured Vermin Supreme mattered.  Guy wears a big boot on his head.

And  Supreme always has made it clear he’s up for just about anything as long as he gets enough money under the table.   WinLiberty has established that someone met Vermin’s price.

It’s really odd that Supreme thought he could pry Zombie votes loose from Heare or that the Zombies ever would have supported any ticket with Supreme on it.

Supreme’s policy on Zombies basically comes down to enslaving them.  He wants to build electric generators powered by unpaid Zombies who would spend their lives on treadmills, powering the homes and businesses of “normal people” as well as providing a lucrative graft opportunity for any Vermin Supreme led government.

Heare insists he’s the only candidate who truly embraces the Zombie vote and the one candidate whose personal lifestyle most closely resembles the Zombie lifestyle.

“Zombies feel comfortable with me.  We’re still not sure how many of them will be allowed to register to vote nor are we even sure how many of them there are; but there are more and more of them coming into my campaign office every day and lots of them milling around outside” said an enthused and optimistic Heare.

John P. Slevin

Romney Can’t Draw Like Ron Paul


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America isn’t too excited about the Mutt’s Sorry Speech Spectacle

Romney is drawing some puny crowds—See bottom of Post for updates

Few are eager to come out and see this man who will be GOP King.

WinLiberty has documented Massive Crowds for Ron Paul

The Romney ‘crowds’ have been organized (dragged out) by the mighty RNC leadership.

Not even close to Ron Paul Crowds!

Who can forget when Romney spoke in a nearly empty stadium?

Ron Paul routinely has drawn thousands to speeches with no news crews and no Secret Service tagging along.

Notice the unpopulated city street (and the dog strapped to the roof of the vehicle):

WinLiberty covers Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

We’ve documented the fact of Ron Paul’s speeches to thousands, in cities all over America and we’ve produced 4 full length documentaries on the subject.

WinLiberty produced these films, made this record over the last months so that the fact of what happened this year never can be denied.  Now there always is a record, a record we produced because Mainstream Media won’t.  They’ll never be able to deny the fact of The Many, the thousands who have supported Ron Paul.

You can watch all of our Ron Paul speech films HERE.

UPDATES on The MUTT 2012 Tour through the Heartland:

Here’s what it looked like in Davenport, IA-NOT Ron Paul Size!

Media:”several hundred” in Davenport for Romney

Romney in Davenport

Janesville, Wisconsin earlier in day on Monday June 18th

Crowd reported as a “few hundred” by WSJ

Troy, Ohio on Sunday

Small crowd for Romney and Boehner ‘Summit’

Here’s a Shot actually published by a news outlet claiming crowd of 1,500

Romney small audience sizeThat’s no 1,500 people in Troy, OH.

This Demo Party blogger says it was about 300 in Troy

Troy, Ohio is in Majority Leader John Boehner’s district, and the dude was there, with Romney–Now, a crowd of only 300 or so would be a huge embarrassment, unless of course Mainstream Media simply accommodates the campaign lie, the 1,500 figure.

[that sounds like a figure put out by the campaign and swallowed happily by the kind of lazy, candy ass dipshits who ride along on the bus as “journalists]

IS THERE A STORY HERE?  ALMOST NONE of the accounts offered by Mainstream Media report ANY crowd size; the other day, Obama reportedly drew a measly 1,500—now THAT is for the President of the United States, Leader of the Free World.

The MUTT Pays BRIBES for audience on Sunday am, June 17th

The Mutt Munches Pancakes

Sunday morning, The Mutt munched pancakes in Brunswick, Ohio.  Pancakes were free to the reported ‘crowd’ of up to a few thousand.

That’s right.  The Mutt had to give FREE BREAKFAST to get a crowd even nearly comparable to what Ron Paul routinely has drawn.

His organizers cited bad weather for the low crowd size…yeah, right.  First they claimed “thousands” then settled on the number 3,000, then it was “about 3,000”—finally, a couple Media outlets settled on 1,500 with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette relating it was about 1,000

Romney BRIBED ’em with FREE FOOD!  The NATIONAL PRESS CORPS has heavily promoted this FREE BREAKFAST and all stops on Romney’s Sorry Speech Spectacle.

Still…The MUTT couldn’t outdraw Ron Paul!

HERE’s Some Bad Weather!  WinLiberty did the film Freedom Storm about THOUSANDS standing in the pouring rain waiting to see and hear Ron Paul:

Not a Bribe…Just the TRUTH!

John P. Slevin