Some Say 1 FED is not nearly enough FED

So, if one FED doesn’t do the trick, why don’t each of the 50 states create their own?

Believe it or not, that’s what some powerful people are proposing to “rescue” us from ruin.

Maybe that would be taking the 10th Amendment a little too far?

So, either abolish the one FED (as Ron Paul proposes) OR create 50 new FEDs.

Decisions, decisions…

June 5 Primaries and Recall

Twitter Bomb for Ron Paul All Day Tuesday-Read About it Here

Scroll DOWN for Primary and Recall News

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We Cover Ron Paul

Ron Paul Speaks at Texas A & M April 10, 2012

Ron Paul Speaks in Philadelphia May 22nd, 2012

Ron Paul Speaks at UC Davis May 3, 2012

Ron Paul Speaks in San Diego – May 4th, 2012

Give Peace A Chance-Stop the Drug War Now

Ron Paul Would Pardon those Imprisoned Unjustly – FREE THE PRISONERS!

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Special Report!10-Midnight EDT

Monday, June 4-Interview with Paul Supporter Beaten and Jailed in Louisiana

Tuesday June 5-Primaries and Recall

California- Polls close 11pm EDT

Historically, San Benito County Voters Mirror the State

Here’s Where to Get Raw Data as San Benito County Reports It


Montana-Results after 9pm EDT

Politico will post results of the presidential vote

New Jersey-Results after 8pm EDT

Politico will post results of the presidential vote

EXCLUSIVE to WinLiberty

Presidential candidate Ahmnodt Heare calls New Jersey Home.  Heare campaign manager Michael Weinheimer says Heare will speak on Ustream LIVE at 8:30pmEDT

Mainstream Media ignores Ahmnodt Heare more than even Ron Paul and Gary Johnson

Article about NJ Tea Party Organization Endorsement of Romney


New Mexico- Results after 9pm EDT

Politico will post presidential vote results here


South Dakota – 9pm EDT

SD Secty of State will post results here

Website for Ron Paul supporters working in South Dakota

More News About Paul Supporters in South Dakota

News Article Predicting SD Turnout


Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall – Results after 9pm EDT

This one is a struggle to see which thugs will run the Governor’s office…the current GOP gang or the Democratic Party crew.  No discriminating voter gives a damn, but it’s on TV alot so some voters think it is some kind of important values choice.

Politico will post Recall the Governor results here

Vermin Supreme Urges Wisconsinites to Write-In his name for Governor

Vermin Supreme has 3 saving graces here. 1) He insists you can’t believe a thing he says; 2) he’s not a resident of Wisconsin so he’s ineligible to run; 3) it’s not an official write-in campaign so those votes won’t be counted anyway.

At least Vermin admits he’s a liar and promises everyone a free pony.

Democratic Party Takes to Twitter on Final Day

So vote for Vermin or the GOP/Democratic Sack of Shit.  It’s all the same.

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Is this guy the Democratic Ron Paul?

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No, he’s not Ron Paul, but John Wolfe does say highly complimentary things about Ron Paul while also getting down on Obama.  And I’ll take that as a conversation starter any day of the week.

John Wolfe

John Wolfe

Plus, it appears that Wolfe is proving that Obama ain’t all that hot with Democratic voters.

In that large crop of officeholders for each major party there does not exist a Ron Paul, not at the federal level anyway, not yet…maybe a couple who are getting kinda warm but no one who is there, not yet.  But the mere fact of the Wolfe candidacy is a good sign.

Politics when used for positive change always is about coalition, that’s all it’s about.

A hack is a hack.  I have no more use for a GOP hack than a Democratic hack. This is about throwing out the crooks and starting with honest guys, and that’s square one, that’s what is important.

As Wolfe says “There are major similarities between the GOP and Democrats…I provide something different.”

It’s a blurring of the tired old lines of party on behalf of principle.  It’s why principle matters and party doesn’t;  unless your goal is to replace the current hacks with a new crop of hacks in which case you are a hack or a hack wannabe and it is you who does not matter.

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Sure, John Wolfe doesn’t know much about economics, but few Americans do; so he’s a project, a guy who can be believed…IF he’s trying to do the right thing, that’s the best way to start.

On that other hand, what he doesn’t know doesn’t preclude him from some polite applause, at least from me, because he knows enough to say: “Rather than distancing himself from their failures, Obama has rewarded Wall Street incompetents with more White House jobs than even George W. Bush did in his administration. JP Morgan, GE and others got hundreds of millions in bailout cash.”

And, it’s another sign of progress being made by The Many ( the thousands of Ron Paul supporters ) who have been spreading the word for some years now.

We’re breaking thru barriers that no one has been able to crash for decades.

Those of us in what often is called the liberty movement (those of us who have been around for decades, are familiar with the phrase “it usually begins with Ayn Rand”.  And that was to describe how so many of us got our initiation to liberty.

Maybe for decent, wholesome politicians, if indeed there is a crop of them coming, it’ll be “it all began with Ron Paul”.  And that alone would make the whole thing worthwhile.

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Give Peace A Chance

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Live Stream Today from Oklahoma-5pm CST

It’s the Return of Suriyah Fish-Coming Live from Oklahoma-5pm CST


Today’s Live Stream-Ron Paul supporters meet Oklahoma GOP officials.

You can be there.  Please join Suriyah and other Ron Paul supporters.

More details here if/when available.

Looking Past Tampa

This post is not to recommend any course of action but simply to inform.

Do any state GOP parties have recourse to put on the ballot candidates for president and vice-president other than those nominated in Tampa?

It seems there is (or was) precedent.

In the 2000 general election the Libertarian Party nominees (Harry Browne and Art Olivier) were not listed on the Arizona ballot—the Arizona ballot listed 2 others as the Libertarian candidates.  The following is summary coverage of that litigation from Ballot Access News.


Arizona: On September 8, Superior Court Judge Barry Schneider upheld the June 14 deadline for independent presidential candidate petitions. Browne v Bayless, 00-15468, Phoenix. The case had been filed by Harry Browne, Libertarian presidential candidate, on August 18. The day before he had submitted 22,000 signatures (to meet a requirement of 9,598), to qualify as an independent. He had not submitted the signatures on time because he had hoped the ballot-qualified Arizona Libertarian Party would nominate him, but it did not.

The Schneider decision was the first one which upheld an independent presidential deadline in June, since the U.S. Supreme Court victory on this issue in 1983 in Anderson v Celebrezze. Browne cited four precedents from other states which say that June is too early. Judge Schneider did not cite them, and based his ruling on cases from Virginia and New Jersey, both of which upheld June petition deadlines for office other than president. Both states have later petition deadlines for president. Judge Schneider did not seem to know that the two cases he relied on do not relate to presidential elections. The Supreme Court had said in Anderson v Celebrezze that states have a diminished interest in keeping presidential candidates off the ballot, than candidates for other office.

Browne appealed to the State Supreme Court, making sure there would be no confusion about precedents this time. However, on September 12, that Court refused to hear his appeal (no. cv-00-327-SA). Browne then filed a new lawsuit in federal court. Browne v Bayless, cv-00-1774-PHX-RCB. However, on September 22, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Broomfield, a Reagan appointee, rejected the case on jurisdictional grounds: (1) the federal court cannot take jurisdiction while it is still technically alive in state court; and (2) the case should have been filed sooner. Broomfield’s opinion is 32 pages long and is of far greater quality than the state court decision. It acknowledges the precedents from other states on June presidential deadlines, but never reaches a decision about the constitutionality of the Arizona deadline.

The constitutional issue will be pursued in the State Court of Appeals after the election.


Obviously, each state party organization has bylaws as does the National GOP, and each state has relevant ballot access laws.

May a state GOP organization be compelled to accept a ticket its members don’t want?

It does seem to be an open question.  We don’t have information about any additional findings in the Arizona litigation.

Our Ron Paul Film Added to Popular Internet Movie Site

WinLiberty film now can be viewed at one of the most popular sites on the Internet. has added the WinLiberty film Freedom Storm to their playlist.

Freedom Storm

Freedom Storm is the WinLiberty documentary about the April 22nd Ron Paul Speech at Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

Freedom Storm also can be viewed at the WinLiberty YouTube Channel AND on the WinLiberty website along with our other great Ron Paul Speech films. also is known as LetMeWatchThis and Alexa ranks the site globally at  #667 in total traffic.

More people now have a chance to see and hear the message of liberty.

Lady Godiva Rally-First Pictures

Photos courtesy of Lt. Bobby Ross ( hear his song about veterans here )

Lady Godiva ( Breanna Baker ) & Wendy Jackson & Satch

Wendy Jackson provided Satch, Godiva’s horse-See More Info Here

We had flags and Ron Paul Signs

Lady Godiva Rides!

left, background: Jeff Mikkelsen (filming) Betty Liberty and Perry Auch Speaking

The Show WILL Go On!

Lady Godiva Now


For Immediate Release  For Immediate Release  For Immediate Release

 Friday, May 18th 4:30am

This news release also is available at

Despite continued interference by the California Highway Patrol, the Ron Paul Rally at the California State capitol will take place at the scheduled time, today, May 18th—on the North side of the capitol, at 9am-IF the CHP doesn’t find new ways to try and prohibit this protected speech activity.

Capitol guns for hire, the CHP began interfering with this rally for a presidential candidate last week by refusing to acknowledge the submission of a written “event permit application” and explicitly denying that there in fact was any right to hold such a Rally.

Only on Tuesday of this week did CHP even acknowledge receipt of that application and the CHP DENIED that citizens have any right to hold this Rally.

John P. Slevin, organizer of the Rally, complained to the Governor’s Office, which according to CHP, controls the East Side Steps of the capitol, where the Rally originally was to take place—Slevin spoke with “Gabriella”, a lady who works for the Governor.

CHP spokesperson Officer Kenyon had stated to Slevin that “we have the right to deny permits.”  Later, CHP indicated they would allow the Rally, but not on the East steps and they said no animals EVER were allowed on the capitol grounds.

Slevin explained to the Governor’s office and to Officer Kenyon that there were many, many photos of animals on the capitol grounds, including the Governor’s dog (Sutter) who frequently has been seen roaming the East Side—and he cited multiple other animals have been “allowed” on the grounds, including horses with riders…especially mounted officers on their animals.

Finally, and only on Wednesday afternoon of this week, did the CHP inform Slevin that he would be approved for a Rally on the North side of the capitol (that the East Side was “out”) and that the event would require special insurance for which the organizers must pay.

Slevin inquired as to the availability of the insurance and was informed by many in the industry that there simply was no way to get such insurance except with far more time allowed to process IF such insurance even could be found.  CHP claims the insurance is required due to the presence of the horse.

Slevin asked the CHP and the Governor’s office to show that the Governor has provided proof of insurance for Sutter, the 1st Dog.

“These bums with guns for which citizens are forced to buy the bullets are attempting to violate the rights of citizens to express themselves.  We won’t be prohibited, we won’t be silenced” said Slevin.

“We’re going to be there showing support for Ron Paul, our candidate.”

Longstanding California and federal law restricts any government agency or agent from interfering with protected speech activities unless there is a “legitimate governmental purpose” and then ONLY if it is the least restrictive means necessary of achieving that purpose, ONLY if any such restrictions are in writing and applied equally to all and ONLY if alternative channels of communication remain open.  Also, any such restrictions cannot be arbitrary, such as the CHP’s insistence that all applications must be received by their rarely staffed office at least 10 business days in advance and where such things as insurance “requirements” are imposed at the whim of questionable bureaucrats.

“Our overpaid and underperforming CHP officers are flouting this law which they are responsible to uphold” said Slevin.  He added that “the CHP doesn’t even staff the capitol event permit office which provides employment to some of these bums.  I’ve been there in person and I’ve phoned and emailed.  They rarely even are in that office and they’ve explained to me that they have ‘more important duties’.  Yeah.  Right.”

“You can’t stop an idea whose time has come” said Slevin, citing a remark frequently made by Ron Paul.

Today, Friday, May 18th Ron Paul speaks to the Minnesota GOP Convention at 6pm CST.

More details of all these events may be found at

And in many posts at The Daily Paul:

Media Contact: John P. Slevin  Organizer/People United for Ron Paul-Director/WinLiberty 916-290-8618


You Can’t Stop An Idea…

Ron Paul has been ignored and lied about by political hustlers and Mainstream Media.

Lady Godiva Rides for Ron Paul! Rally at California State Capitol

Lady Godiva Now

Meet Lady Godiva& Like Godiva on Facebook

LIVE Audio and Video Chat of Ron Paul Moneybomb

The Daily Paul has the most comprehensive Ron Paul coverage

WinLiberty covers Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

Our most recent news release to be added below

For Immediate Release For Immediate Release  For Immediate Release


UPDATED: new location-Now on North Side (L Street) of California State Capitol

Addtional News and Information at and

Lady Godiva has announced her endorsement of presidential candidate Ron Paul and will ride at the California State Capitol on Friday, May 18th at 9am.

Famous for her 11th century ride against oppressive taxation, Godiva said : “things are in the worst mess I’ve ever seen, and Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who is trying to do anything about it.”  Speakers at the event include:

Lady Godiva: She will sing Taxman (by George Harrison)

Perry Auch: He will discuss issues of the day and Paul’s positions which are distinct from all the candidates who have contended for the GOP nomination. (Auch co-ordinates activities in California’s 7th congressional district).

Lt. Bobby Ross: He will speak about veterans issues.  (Ross is a Vietnam Veteran).

There will be a flag folding and presentation of the flag to Ron Paul, in absentia.  On behalf of Ron Paul, Godiva will receive the flag from veterans.

The event will be conducted on the North Side of the capitol and will begin along L street,leading up to the North Side steps of the capitol. Godiva will mount and ride a horse to the steps where speakers will make their presentations.

Mainstream Media continues to ignore the startling support and victories won by Ron Paul at GOP local and state conventions, where his supporters continue to swamp all opposition, including “presumptive nominee Mitt Romney”.

Paul continues to rack up victories and over the weekend his supporters dominated Romney followers at GOP contests in Oklahoma and Arizona-with barely a peep from TV, radio and print “news” organizations.

For accurate campaign news, Reporters and Editors are encouraged to look beyond the historically inaccurate and inept accounts offered by institutions such as Associated Press and instead look at the detailed, accurate reporting available on

At all delegate contests are studied and reported, and the actual delegate allocations and “count” vary significantly from the figures routinely reported on television, radio and in daily newspapers.

Media inquiries and requests for interviews prior to the event:  John P. Slevin Organizer/People United for Ron Paul 916-290-8618  Full event coverage available at: