Romney Can’t Draw Like Ron Paul


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America isn’t too excited about the Mutt’s Sorry Speech Spectacle

Romney is drawing some puny crowds—See bottom of Post for updates

Few are eager to come out and see this man who will be GOP King.

WinLiberty has documented Massive Crowds for Ron Paul

The Romney ‘crowds’ have been organized (dragged out) by the mighty RNC leadership.

Not even close to Ron Paul Crowds!

Who can forget when Romney spoke in a nearly empty stadium?

Ron Paul routinely has drawn thousands to speeches with no news crews and no Secret Service tagging along.

Notice the unpopulated city street (and the dog strapped to the roof of the vehicle):

WinLiberty covers Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

We’ve documented the fact of Ron Paul’s speeches to thousands, in cities all over America and we’ve produced 4 full length documentaries on the subject.

WinLiberty produced these films, made this record over the last months so that the fact of what happened this year never can be denied.  Now there always is a record, a record we produced because Mainstream Media won’t.  They’ll never be able to deny the fact of The Many, the thousands who have supported Ron Paul.

You can watch all of our Ron Paul speech films HERE.

UPDATES on The MUTT 2012 Tour through the Heartland:

Here’s what it looked like in Davenport, IA-NOT Ron Paul Size!

Media:”several hundred” in Davenport for Romney

Romney in Davenport

Janesville, Wisconsin earlier in day on Monday June 18th

Crowd reported as a “few hundred” by WSJ

Troy, Ohio on Sunday

Small crowd for Romney and Boehner ‘Summit’

Here’s a Shot actually published by a news outlet claiming crowd of 1,500

Romney small audience sizeThat’s no 1,500 people in Troy, OH.

This Demo Party blogger says it was about 300 in Troy

Troy, Ohio is in Majority Leader John Boehner’s district, and the dude was there, with Romney–Now, a crowd of only 300 or so would be a huge embarrassment, unless of course Mainstream Media simply accommodates the campaign lie, the 1,500 figure.

[that sounds like a figure put out by the campaign and swallowed happily by the kind of lazy, candy ass dipshits who ride along on the bus as “journalists]

IS THERE A STORY HERE?  ALMOST NONE of the accounts offered by Mainstream Media report ANY crowd size; the other day, Obama reportedly drew a measly 1,500—now THAT is for the President of the United States, Leader of the Free World.

The MUTT Pays BRIBES for audience on Sunday am, June 17th

The Mutt Munches Pancakes

Sunday morning, The Mutt munched pancakes in Brunswick, Ohio.  Pancakes were free to the reported ‘crowd’ of up to a few thousand.

That’s right.  The Mutt had to give FREE BREAKFAST to get a crowd even nearly comparable to what Ron Paul routinely has drawn.

His organizers cited bad weather for the low crowd size…yeah, right.  First they claimed “thousands” then settled on the number 3,000, then it was “about 3,000”—finally, a couple Media outlets settled on 1,500 with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette relating it was about 1,000

Romney BRIBED ’em with FREE FOOD!  The NATIONAL PRESS CORPS has heavily promoted this FREE BREAKFAST and all stops on Romney’s Sorry Speech Spectacle.

Still…The MUTT couldn’t outdraw Ron Paul!

HERE’s Some Bad Weather!  WinLiberty did the film Freedom Storm about THOUSANDS standing in the pouring rain waiting to see and hear Ron Paul:

Not a Bribe…Just the TRUTH!

John P. Slevin