When Sanction of the Victim Becomes Suicide

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“It is a moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree. It is a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.” – Ayn Rand

How many times can a victim sanction oppressors before it simply is suicide? 

Senator Rand Paul urges his father’s donors to justify and to subsidize political depravity.

He now explicitly defends support for ardent drug warrior Mitt Romney because it means we might get a chance to discuss industrial hemp.

WinLiberty was proud to produce this short piece showing that alone among major party presidential candidates Ron Paul opposes the drug war…and always has taken that essential, principled stand.

In Ayn Rand’s final, major public speech she discussed sanction of the victim.

“It is a moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree. It is a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.”

You can watch Ayn Rand’s talk here.

Most Ron Paul supporters quite properly have been confused and many are outraged by Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.  In an attempt to quell the furor, the junior Paul just held another soft ball “interview” to an overly helpful Kurt Wallace where almost nothing of substance was discussed.  Almost nothing.  What the Senator made very clear is that he considers it necessary to subsidize immorality because otherwise it’s impossible to get anything done.

I also interpret the Senator as distinctly saying alliance with immorality is something his dad chooses all the time.  Listen to the interview here and decide for yourself if that is what Rand Paul says and believes.

Ask yourself if the Senator’s convenient and oh so mainstream Republican support of industrial hemp makes it okay to sanction the Republican nominee’s support for continuation of the drug war.

Watch another short film WinLiberty produced about the Drug War:

What is essential, inviolable principle and what is practical politics?  How much rape, pillage, mayhem and murder is okay before someone says it’s not okay?  How many sublime, shady and just plain slimy politicians can one climb into bed with before one is just a dishonest whore? And I don’t mean to impugn decent, hard working prostitutes by comparison with Senator Rand Paul.

I would have asked gay bashing Senator Paul some very different questions.

And I continue to ask: Where the hell is Ron Paul?

The Ron Paul R3volution always has been about principle.  It’s always been led by The Many — the thousands of donors and activists who ARE the movement, this cause commonly called The Ron Paul R3volution — not by some timid politicians and their self-serving political hacks.

It’s long, long past time for Ron Paul to come out and speak for himself…his stand ins simply can’t cut it.

This isn’t about party or party hacks.  This is about principle.

Ron Paul is NOT god – and he just fucked up again

Adam Kokesh did this interview with longtime Paul ally Penny Freeman

It might or might not be your cup of tea.  IF you are a moron, and believe that Ron Paul is god, probably you won’t like it.

Listen to Penny, who has been there (like I have been there) and who speaks from the unique perspective of someone long inside the Paul world.

In the Paul family, it always, ALWAYS is the money.  Ron just took you off.

It’s what the guy does.

She’s telling some truth here.

Going into Tampa it behooves people to wonder.  Do you vote your conscience or do you vote as you are told to vote?

Jesse Benton (and other Paul hirelings are going to be there, telling you what to do).  Will you listen?  Do you have even half a brain? 

Which kind of Ron Paul supporter is going to Tampa?  Idiots, who get all their news from DailyPaul and other lame, inbred sources or people who can think?

The Ron Paul campaign is over.  It’s long over.  It was sold out.  If you don’t believe that you cannot think and probably, you never knew anything anyway.

Did Ron Paul sell it out?  You betcha.

Hey, the guy hasn’t been seen in public since they told him not to appear.

Ron Paul sold you out.

He took your money and he left.

It’s disgusting.

What’s more disgusting is the feeling around that no one should question Saint Ron.

I question the twerp.  24 years in congress is NOT a tough job.

Ron chose that because he made more money doing that.

It IS that simple.  He’s also long been a really stupid office manager.  I’ll not go into that here, I’ll just cite his inlaw, Jesse Benton.

Hey, that’s your money, like I say, I never gave the bastard any.

IF you are going to Tampa and you can think for yourself, why don’t you ask Ron Paul some real hard questions?  He’s gotta explain why he laid down and why, why he’s surrounded himself with inferiors like Jesse Benton.

Ron Paul will not answer that question.  History proves that when pressed on financials, Ron Paul ALWAYS lies.

He’ll lie to you tomorrow or whenever he gets the chance to tell you what a wonderful fellow is Jesse.

Don’t believe it.

Ron Paul is owned.  He’s owned by the RNC.

He doesn’t deserve my support.

IF liberty is the end game, why did Ron Paul punt?

I’m not a dumbass (like the people Ron Paul hires, like Jesse Benton)

Still, it’s 1st down, the whole clock still ticking, and Paul punts.

I’m gonna keep asking till Ronnie babe answers.

He fucked up again.

Don’t give the guy one dime.

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