Isaac Has Nothing on Obama and Romney

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Obama/Romney:  Far More Destructive Than Any Mere Storm

No matter how many people are injured and killed by Isaac, in the next 4 years both Romney and Obama will kill and maim many thousands of times that number.  Their senseless saber rattling ensures carnage by perpetual, immoral war.




Their unconstitutional Drug War fetish guarantees that in this nation alone each of these presidential mutts will ruin literally millions of lives per year— that’s if they only maim and murder at the current pace.  Each promises to get “tougher”.



The economic policies of these 2 greedy tax sucking mongrels will wreak true havoc.  4 years from now we’ll wistfully look back upon the fearful winds of Isaac as the good ole days.



I know not what course others shall take.   I’ll vote for a good and principled man like Gary Johnson rather than cast my lot with either of the rogues advanced by the duopoly.  Then, because that probably won’t be enough I will seek asylum in the nearest Ecuadoran Embassy not already harboring Julian Assange.


Compared to 4 more years of major party madness Isaac is happy, happy days.

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Article by John P. Slevin





(Full Video) Thousands at Ron Paul ‘We Are The Future’ Rally in Tampa


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More Came, More Saw and More Heard

[ The embedded video immediately below is the last portion of the event.  Rand Paul’s introduction and Ron Paul’s speech—FULL program Video links are at bottom of this post ] Embedded Video Courtesy of RonPaulFlix

At the bottom of this post we have links to video so you can watch the ENTIRE Ron Paul ‘We Are The Future’ rally held in Tampa on Sunday, August 26, 2012— the entire event is approximately 5 hours of viewing.

One of the speakers at the rally mentioned that Murray Rothbard claimed there was a time all libertarians could fit in his living room

It’s not like that anymore.

Mitt Romney wishes he could generate such excitement as supporters of liberty demonstrated again in Tampa.  As the photo immediately below indicates neither Mitt nor the GOP generates this fervor – Photo courtesy of Combat Veterans for Ron Paul

There Will Be a Comeuppance in November

Romney and the GOP establishment have beaten, kicked and otherwise demeaned the supporters of Ron Paul, those who support liberty.  There will be a penalty for that malfeasance.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee will get some of the votes; some will go to Ron Paul (as uncounted but defiant write-ins) and some of those votes are going to Obama.  Very, very few supporters of liberty will vote for Romney.

Video Links WORK-Read Note

[ Note: the links below DO work. At the time of this posting, it’s right after the speech, and probably there are many people viewing so at first you might see “temporarily unavailable” when you click on the link—Just wait several seconds and the video should load and play normally.  The fact that there is so much traffic ought to serve as another grim prediction for Romney and the GOP establishment ]

Here’s Pt. 1 of CSPAN’s coverage of the Tampa rally, it’s preliminary speakers and music includes Jordan Page.

Here’s Pt. 2 of CSPAN’s coverage, more music and speakers includes Barry Goldwater Jr., Jimmy Vaughan and Aimee Allen.

Watch here for Part 3 of CSPAN’s coverage this has Carol, Rand and Ron Paul and of course includes Ron Paul’s speech

Full Coverage of the Tampa Rally also can be found at this Alternate Site

Watch Previous Ron Paul Speeches Here


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Do You Prefer to Eat Dog or Rabbit?


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The Latest Central Bank Holocaust

This story is as hard to tell as it is for you to watch.

Korean Dog Sandwich

If this story is not  hard for you to watch simply don’t waste your time reading and viewing it – for you are beyond hope.

For the last couple years or so a somewhat secretive group of Japanese ‘citizen journalists’ have been equipping some North Koreans with very small cameras.

Awhile back now, North Korea ‘redenominated’ the State currency, the Won, so that at the time 100 old Won became worth 1 new Won (this move actually was understood after Central Bank analysts and ‘experts” from around the outside world explained it for what it is and was.)

It was an attempt by the now deceased North Korean dictator to give his son, his heir a ‘stable economy’.

Not ONE member of the banking elite, no Central Banker stood in opposition to this outrage.  NOT ONE.

Why not?  ‘Cause to opp0se would mean North Korea could not pay debts to bank and sovereign lenders.

Good, decent and honest North Koreans who had nothing or precious little, ever, were wiped out and now more starve.  In that nation, since the end of the US/Korean War (not a conflict, a War) people in North Korea have died by the millions, and that is no exaggeration.

They continue to die, these yellow pawns of Empire.

[The video and still images linked herein are disturbing in the extreme.  All these images come from a source we cannot verify and so WinLiberty takes no responsibility for them except to say that at WinLiberty we’ve concluded the story told is legitimate.  Simply, right or wrong, we’ve concluded that it looks like the truth.   This conclusion is based on absolutely nothing but the images herein. You must be your final judge.]

What is it when the good go blind?

In Korea right now are horrifying images, slowly seeping out so we all can see of a horrific massacre, all too common, all too repetitive as actually that the essential truth contained in these images no longer has any value, if ever such images could inspire or even inform.

(these images are courtesy of a new band of ‘journalists” who have teamed to deliver these unverifiable imagesx—it’s North Korea, and images like this never can be verified-for explanation just read the linked article)

The current dictator in North Korea operates under sanction by central banks and other officious twits of our world, with sanction by all the major world leaders and most of all with our sanction.

Want to sanction another holocaust?

Seems the current heir in North Korea, the latest twit is doing his people like his father,. Like his grandfather.  Like them he’s doing them in 7 figures (and yes, that means he’s offing them in that number, yes, it’s that massive).

After all, these are them, these are North Koreans who are starving, who literally go blind due to malnourishment.

Are we blind?  We, decent folk.  As yet, we in America have not gone blind due to malnourishment.  Is it now or next week before we realize that this plight will be our plight?

These people MUST die now for the central bank scheme to work.

That’s what this is about.

Look at the lady in the video and tell me there’s another truth

Look at it; tell me I’m wrong.  Then prove it.  I know what I see.  Do you?  If you see what I see how is it we exist and she must live like that?

How is it remotely possible to live in comfort and/or to know the good life when her life must be the life she lives?

Grabbing grass to sell to others more fortunate than her who in turn feed that grass to sell up the ladder to rabbit eaters?

If you get this, you understand Central Banking

 If you understand what I’ve written you already understand what my audience already knows.

So a question emerges, one I think we all must ponder and address.

Just what the fuck are we going to do about it? How soon are you willing to address a social norm where only the most fortunate and conniving in society can afford to nibble on rabbit bones?

Is this what you want for your future?  Is this the society you leave to your children, your grandchildren?

Look at her eyes!

Mainstream Media WILL NOT cover this.  NO presidential candidate has the courage, the intestinal fortidude to address the obvious.

It’s long past time we stopped listening to the bastards who have been in charge and by that it’s obvious to throw out and revile every leech who is serving and who has served in the US congress.

It’s time we renounce cycled, recurrent holocaust.

This story was written and published by John P. Slevin/WinLiberty

Nebraska GOP Convention Coverage 2012

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More Updates are below—This is a summary: We lost big.  Ron Paul lost by doing nothing to help in Nebraska.  Ron Paul supporters all over the nation lost because he did nothing.  The good Ron Paul supporters of Nebraska  did a good job, they worked long and hard.  THEY did work.

The Nebraska GOP Convention

Nation Ruled By Swine

Saturday, July 14th — all day–as early as 8am CDT

Live Streams will be Here and Here Streams provided by Paul supporters

WinLiberty Provided the following updates all day

UPDATES (most recent items at top) :

Omaha newspaper says Paul got “smoked” – because he did nothing

Ron Paul is the candidate who made the fewest campaign appearances of anyone running—BY FAR—and who did literally NOTHING of consequence to assist supporters in the state battles all over the nation.

Again, in Nebraska, he did nothing to help.  He didn’t even bother to send a decent sized crew of surrogates to Nebraska in the last few weeks and hasn’t done anything for 2 months.

Indeed, the good guys “got smoked.” 

Romney had a crew of 5 shipped in specialists plus an attorney, all on hand to make sure it happened.  Ron Paul ALSO made sure it happened by staying away and doing nothing.

To the very good Ron Paul supporters of Nebraska:

Thank You!  You worked long and hard.  You did a good job.

(note, there was no Ron Paul slate being voted on here —the Ron Paul people did not submit a slate, the Romney side DID submit a slate; no way to tell how many on that slate support which candidate but it obviously looks promising for Romney —meaning, delegates might be “stealth” delegates who are expected to vote at the national convention for one candidate but actually support the other.)– UPDATE: There won’t be any stealth delegates; since the Ron Paul campaign did nothing but assist the Romney camp in this one don’t get your hopes up.

2:34pm CDT — They now are voting on Alternate Delegates

2:24pm CDT — (initial reports, not confirmed by WinLiberty) Romney won all 23 of the At Large Delegates

2:06pm CDT — Back from lunch, live stream working again

1:00pm CDT — lunch break; convention due to resume at approx 2:30pm CDT

11:21am CDT —  Romney over Paul 7-2 on delegates selected by district (9 delegates are selected by district)— Next up is vote for 23 At Large Delegates

10:59am CDT — Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana now addressing convention

10:49am CDT — Reince Priebus (RNC National Chair addressing the convention—neither Romney nor Paul attended the convention)

10:28am CDT — Now waiting for tally of ballots–

10:25 am CDT — RP side lost credentials vote 185-125-this indicates Romney supporters have a majority in the room.  Count is overseen by 2 representatives of each side.  First count by machine; second count is ‘overseen’.  There was no count from a show of hands, no count in public.— with just over 300 delegates present and voting, one must wonder why machines are necessary or advisable

News Article discusses possibility of violence at convention

Why the Nebraska Convention Is Important

This the last major state convention before the National Convention in August.

Ron Paul remains the only candidate whose supporters come out by the THOUSANDS.

WinLiberty continues to cover Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.

Below, for your viewing pleasure—one of our Ron Paul speech films

ALL of our Paul Speech films can be viewed HERE

Ron Paul Passion

Zombie Vote Solid for Ahmnodt Heare-Candidate Denies Trouble with Ron Paul

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Think that Ron Paul is ignored?  Presidential candidate Ahmnodt Heare is really ignored.

However, Ahmnodt Heare has the Zombie vote locked up.

Zombies for Heare

(pictured: some of the attendees at a recent “Heare Fest”; the striking young lady in the foreground later was seen handing out campaign fliers on a downtown sidewalk)

Pundits and pollsters repeatedly have said that Ron Paul has the youth vote (at least on the Republican side) and that probably is true.  Still, for Zombies Ahmnodt Heare is the only presidential candidate worth supporting.

Heare continues to deny controversial comments

Heare and his official campaign staff continue to deny that either the candidate or any of his top level operatives said anything negative about the Ron Paul campaign.  The Paul campaign has faced recent controversy over Senator Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney and alleged incompetence by the top campaign management.

Reportedly, a senior level advisor to Ahmnodt Heare was overheard to say:

“Our campaign and Paul’s are alike in many ways, of course, and Paul continues to follow the econonomic and foreign policy guidelines Ahmnodt has pioneered.  However, we have strong differences in hiring practices.  Look, everyone knows we here at Ahmnodt Heare for President hire the Undead.  Paul hires the brain dead.  We’ve never done that.  We won’t do that.

Zombie hiring practices aside, there are other differences between the 2 camps. 

Heare is a Vanna White Supremacist while Paul is not and has been married to the same woman for decades.  Heare is proud to say he has been a Vanna White Supremacist for decades “…ever since I first saw her turn a letter.  I’ve got an original copy of the famous 1987 Playboy magazine in which she appeared.  When I met Paul I asked him what he thought of Vanna and he asked me ‘who’s Vanna’ so I’d say that’s a pretty significant difference right there.”

Heare agrees with Paul on the FED but says “…oh sure, it’s gotta go, the FED.  They’re a bunch of crooks, but they really aren’t the main guys in charge.  The real big time crooks, the masterminds are the Cinemafia.”  Ron Paul is considered an expert on the Federal Reserve.  Meanwhile, most acknowledge that Ahmnodt Heare is the leading authority on the Cinemafia.

Denies he’ll share any ticket with Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme

For months, rumors swirled around reports of several secret meetings between the 2 “outsider” presidential candidates, Heare and Vermin Supreme.  The meetings were very much under the radar and included only the 2 candidates and their highest advisors.

Last week, Heare officially stated he’d never share a ticket with Supreme adding “I can’t work with that guy, no one can.  Besides, he’s always promising everyone free ponies and I counted.  He’s only got 5 of ’em and one is dead.  I wanted a pony, just like anyone, but like I said you can’t trust that guy.”

Some analysts believe the two never could agree on who would take the second place spot and one account quoted an unnamed, high ranking Heare official as saying “…frankly, Ahmnodt insists on the top spot and we never would trust Vermin in the number 2 spot anyway.  That’s a heartbeat away from the presidency and there’s no way Ahmnodt ever would feel safe, you know?”

The REAL reason for the Heare/Supreme Split

WinLiberty investigators have uncovered the real story.

This was a tussle over the Zombie vote.  In reality, Supreme was sent in by operatives of the Republican National Committee to try and split the Zombie vote which both would destroy Heare’s campaign and give a boost to Supreme.

Neither Supreme nor Heare is a Republican, but Romney is running scared and didn’t want any new leader to arise…he wants to be seen as the only man capable of saving the planet from 4 more years of Obama.  A Zombie uprising was seen as harmful to this image.

Romney never figured Vermin Supreme mattered.  Guy wears a big boot on his head.

And  Supreme always has made it clear he’s up for just about anything as long as he gets enough money under the table.   WinLiberty has established that someone met Vermin’s price.

It’s really odd that Supreme thought he could pry Zombie votes loose from Heare or that the Zombies ever would have supported any ticket with Supreme on it.

Supreme’s policy on Zombies basically comes down to enslaving them.  He wants to build electric generators powered by unpaid Zombies who would spend their lives on treadmills, powering the homes and businesses of “normal people” as well as providing a lucrative graft opportunity for any Vermin Supreme led government.

Heare insists he’s the only candidate who truly embraces the Zombie vote and the one candidate whose personal lifestyle most closely resembles the Zombie lifestyle.

“Zombies feel comfortable with me.  We’re still not sure how many of them will be allowed to register to vote nor are we even sure how many of them there are; but there are more and more of them coming into my campaign office every day and lots of them milling around outside” said an enthused and optimistic Heare.

John P. Slevin

Some Say 1 FED is not nearly enough FED

So, if one FED doesn’t do the trick, why don’t each of the 50 states create their own?

Believe it or not, that’s what some powerful people are proposing to “rescue” us from ruin.

Maybe that would be taking the 10th Amendment a little too far?

So, either abolish the one FED (as Ron Paul proposes) OR create 50 new FEDs.

Decisions, decisions…