Wingnuts in Ron Paul’s Iowa

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WinLiberty is covering the Iowa State Convention HERE-scheduled to end Saturday, June. 16.  We have a link to Live Streaming happening NOW.

The Iowa GOP platform is to be adopted today.  At cursory glance, I’d say it’s a good bet the National GOP doesn’t want Ron Paul’s supporters anywhere near Tampa.

And no decent person could blame them.  The Iowa GOP, if a mirror, presents a very, very sorry image of who and what Ron Paul supporters really are.

Here’s an article about what the Iowa GOP, under Ron Paul, represents.

I’m talking moon bat crazy and just plain mean, with absolutely NO resolve to cut spending; rather, the proposed platform would INCREASE spending on the long arm of the law, the better to go after those pesky gays and anyone dumb enough to try and defend against bullying.

The Iowa GOP seems to be firmly in the hands of statists.

These are wingnuts, folks, pure and simple:

The Iowa GOP platform was written of, by and for wingnuts…and they are Ron Paul wingnuts, one must assume, since Ron Paul supporters dominate the Iowa GOP.

Here’s just some of what these wonderful Ron Paul “freedom fighters” have in store for the rest of us:

  • More birther lunacy, this time requiring that candidates for office satisfy documents requirements before the Paultards deem them suitable for public office.  EVER READ THE CONSTITUTION?  Show me where that is a requirement for office and I’ll put in with you.  Until then, you are a wingnut, Alex Jones listening Paultard who probably goes to church with Rand Paul (and no, that’s not a compliment either).
  • Ban on Same Sex marriage.  Back in the days of the Iowa campaign, Ron Paul imported an extreme bigot anti gay pastor from Maine whose job it was to find the real prime bigot ministers who could swing to Paul for the campaign.  A look at the Iowa GOP platform confirms, that probably was a shrewd move, and apparently Paul got plenty of Iowa’s anti gay bigots aboard his ship.

So, as the first state in the GOP nomination process and one which all of us Ron Paul supporters always knew we’d won, Iowa presents a mixed blessing.

Yes, our people are winning.

No, they are not all our people.  At least, not if they are the kind of people one would expect an overtly anti-gay minister to recruit.  And since Ron Paul never denounced the anti-gay tendencies of Iowa GOP voters when he had the chance to, when he was on the stage in Iowa, I’m thinking we’ll reap the bitter fruit sown by that bigot minister turned paid Ron Paul staffer and acolyte.

Hate gets you hate every time.

IF you are wingnut, listen to Alex Jones and want to go out with some buds and stomp some queers and get you some coons, yeah, Ron Paul’s Iowans probably are your kinda people.

IF you can read, have read the US Constitution, well, no…these people are kinda extreme.

There is a difference between one who supports Ron Paul because Ron Paul represents liberty better than others and those who support Ron Paul because they dig and bring out the worst in Ron Paul, the bigotry he tolerates.

I support Ron Paul in spite of his flaws and although I know he authored racist language in newsletters he published–and yes folks, he wrote that shit, and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows he wrote it and he knows who wrote the shit he didn’t write.

The guy isn’t perfect and he’s an old guy who is stuck on many crazy things from the past, things which good and decent Americans typically have rejected long ago.

Ron Paul never was perfect.  I never supported him because I thought he was perfect (and I was around for his first presidential run in ’88).

Like many older, kinda dumb guys Ron Paul holds on to some unreasoned grudges from his misinformed past, still wants to talk to the “right crowd” about the Civil War just like his bigot son seeks out the “right crowd” to bash some gays.

That’s why Ron Paul always has been very comfortable with the Mises Institute.  Not a hotbed of free thinking over there.

And look at Ron Paul’s son Rand, the bigot.  Take a good look and ask, who made him?

The gay bashing bigot Paul made forecast the kind of Republican Party he’s made in Iowa.

People who look for ways to go after spending on “bullying” while leaving in place spending on pigs who lock up minorities, well, those are bigots.  Those are Ron Paul’s bigots.  That’s Ron Paul’s Iowa, at least a great big chunk of it.  And yes, the wingnut Paultards DO also call to remove funding for anti-bullying.

Who ignores the Drug War when trying to cut the spending?  No one who is trying.

Who then goes and makes sure to try and cut spending for something as trivial as anti-bullying programs?  Wingnuts, Ron Paul wingnuts!

Then, look at this first platform of Iowa’s GOP, the state party Paul made possible.

Ron Paul, if it’s intolerance you crave, you’ve got it in Iowa, hell, it looks like they even surpass Texas already.

I don’t think you can call that a proud accomplishment.

I do know I will have nothing but contempt for Paul’s Iowa GOP and their bigoted ways, if in fact this language passes while they are in control.  Sure, there’s good stuff in the proposed platform too, such as the call for Initiative, Referendum and Recall (IR & R) language in the state constitution and the call to eliminate official opposition to medical marijuana.

However, liberty can’t be won piecemeal, can’t be achieved by throwing minorities under the bus.  You either get the fact that government oppression of gays makes gay people our natural allies or you don’t get it and have no future.  What’s more important, you represent no good future for those of us who do understand liberty.

For the most part, Americans have moved far beyond the hate, bigotry and violence which characterize the dimwitted sex obsessed Iowa GOP platform.  Choose that route, and you don’t move us forward and I’ll suggest you take us back.

It’s bad enough that Ron Paul hasn’t explicitly, clearly denounced these tendencies of GOP voters and at the same time largely has remained silent about the great scourge of the drug war.

So, all in all, I’m no more comfortable with the crew of Ron Paul cretins apparently now in charge in Iowa than I was with the previous Iowa GOP, from whence most of these idiots spring.

What’s the difference?

Where’s the beef Ron Paul?  After nearly 100 million dollars spent in 2 election cycles and with Campaign for Liberty THIS is what you achieve?

Anyone could have done that with a whole lot less.

Why in hell didn’t we all just support Michele Bachmann and that twerp Santorum?

What Ron Paul has achieved in Iowa appears to be no more than getting some of the homegrown lowbrows of the GOP to wave his pennant for awhile.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they are better than that, much better I hope.  I hope they’ll excise ALL of that from the platform and that the candidate himself finally will make clear that government has no place in marriage and bedrooms, that bullying in schools IS a responsibility of the state AND the feds to intervene and to stop (hell, we’re talking public schools here folks, and as of now the Iowa GOP says it has every right to take your money to educate their tykes and to decide, on their own, how to spend your money on themselves).

Rights exist for every individual and it’s not a step forward to grab power in the GOP and use it to work out on targeted minorities, to use taxdollars and government guns against your neighbors.  That’s not liberty by any definition, that’s a continuation of the GOP, the rotten, bigoted corrupt GOP.

It’s very, very clear to me that there is reason for concern.

It is a concern that’s not addressed by Paul’s admonition to treat the GOP with respect.

Even if he and his people are not responsible for and will reject this incredibly intolerant Iowa platform, this is the party he and they inhabit.

This is the same hateful, thieving GOP.

Here’s the Platform as proposed with a link to the current Iowa GOP Platform.

Note that they wish to ban Planned Parenthood advocates from speaking at public schools.

So much for free speech and hooray for content based discrimination.

They oppose “…infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.”  I’m not sure why they choose to lump “infanticide” in with the other 2 subject matters, but okay, more reason to oppose them.

I’ve never supported Ron Paul because I want to be a member of his or any church preaching hate.

John P. Slevin