Now Ron Paul Will Win the Iowa Caucus He “Lost” in January

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WINGNUTS ON THE LOOSE IN IOWA!-our post on Ron Paul’s Iowa


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This Weekend Ron Paul Will Win (WON!) the Iowa Caucus He “lost” last January

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In January, Mainstream Media covered the beginning of the Iowa Caucus process and declared first Romney and later Santorum winners.

Fact is, every campaign knew Ron Paul’s supporters totally swamped the Iowa Caucuses that day AND they knew that meant Ron Paul eventually would take more delegates than any of his opponents and quite possibly more than all of them combined.

There are 28 national delegates from Iowa.  Three are state party officials, including the Iowa State Chair, a Ron Paul supporter.  The others are chosen at congressional district votes today, Friday June 15th and tomorrow morning.

So, Ron Paul now is about to win WON! the Iowa caucus vote which Mainstream Media consistently has said really happened last January.

I still wish I could get some of what they are smoking.

News from Iowa Convention-Most recent on TOP

NOTE: Initial reports say Paul took 11 of the 12 Delegates selected on Friday

Saturday’s convention opens approx 9:30am CST


Paul Delegate Slate passed (it had been opposed by pro Romney/Santorum forces)–IF that’s final (and it appears so) it means Paul took from Iowa nearly all the delegates available; it’s a ROUT— IF it’s final

The Platform was accepted “as written”.  For more detail, go HERE.

A proposal to require delegates to be “bound” to nominee was defeated-upshot is delegates need not reveal for whom they will vote in Tampa.

This was a pretty good blow by blow for Saturday

Charges of bribery

Audio of all opening speeches; including Chair A J Spiker, a Paul supporter

Saturday Report: Angry yelling and screaming

 Opinion column: Paul people must be more polite or LEAVE

Article: The GOP now fears a “Paul Circus” in Iowa

Here’s Ron Paul’s Friday Statement