How Many GOP All-Stars Equal One Ron Paul?

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The MUTT’s Sorry Speech Spectacle Continues

Romney's Small CrowdUpdates:

9:30 am EDT Rally at Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI

Update: Romney BOMBED in Frankenmuth-another tiny crowd

Another small crowd for Romney(almost could fit Romney’s audience into one campaign bus-slight exaggeration )

1:15 pm EDT Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in DeWitt, MI

Update: Another Epic Fail; Crowd of “hundreds”-again not Ron Paul Size

6:25 pm EDT Rally at Holland State Park Holland, MI

They are busing them in; not enough buses, I guess…

Romney and All-Star Republicans Can’t Draw a Large Crowd

To say there’s no excitement for presumed nominee Romney is an understatement.

This MUTT can’t BUY a crowd.  Pawlenty, Ryan, Walker and Boehner -.the bunch of ’em can’t draw a crowd.

By comparison, Ron Paul routinely has drawn thousands to speech events.

Here’s a WinLiberty film recording thousands at a Ron Paul Speech

You can watch all our Ron Paul Speech films HERE

John P. Slevin