Finding the Silver Lining

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Finding the Silver Lining


As the second consecutive Ron Paul campaign for the Republican presidential nomination comes to a close without claiming “the prize” of the nomination it is wise to consider what the end result of any electoral activity ever can be.

Do you wish to win an election or do you wish to be free?

These things are not the same.  This 2012 Ron Paul campaign, like the 2008 effort was a victory, a smashing victory.

Liberty has many new friends.  That is our victory.

The victory was achieved by The Many.

Here’s to The Many

(a short, filmed and edited by Dave Frederick- his YouTube Channel


WinLiberty has produced a series of Ron Paul speech films.  We wanted to document the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul and we achieved that – in High Definition, Living Color.

WinLiberty went to the trouble of making a very extensive video and pictorial record of the Massive Crowds for Ron Paul so that others never can deny that those crowds came out.

That record now exists; let no one say it never happened.  It’s happening.

Make no mistake.  Mainstream Media did ignore, defile and defame all of us who have supported the message of Liberty represented by Ron Paul.  However, they no longer can deny it.

You can view some of that record HERE and at the end of this post.

Our victory has not been won by any man, any candidate or campaign staff.  It has been won in the only way Liberty ever can be won — by individuals standing free and standing tall.

The Many are all those who supported Ron Paul and who came out to see and hear the message of Liberty and who have begun to spread this message in their neighborhoods.

Here’s to The Many – and you can watch our Ron Paul Speech films HERE.

And enjoy the short music video below:

Stand Tall

(America Needs to Stand Tall and Vote for Ron Paul)

(words and music by Kenny Suitter and The Ambush – video produced by WinLiberty)


John P. Slevin